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Thailand is cool! Produced the country’s first successful smoking cessation drug “Cytisine”

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Thai Cool produces the first successful smoking cessation drug in Thailand. Hope for Thai smokers who want to quit Signed up for smoking cessation drug “Cythinocyte” extracted from herbs. Aim for the cheapest

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On May 30, 2021, Ms. Rung Arun Limharaphan, Acting Director of the Office of Major Risk Factors Control Support The Health Promotion Fund (Thai Health Promotion Foundation) said that on May 31st the World No Tobacco Day of every year, this year the World Health Organization has designated the slogan “COMMIT TO QUIT” for Thailand. Ministry of Public Health Has set a slogan that “Stop smoking, reduce risks, you can.” Driving Thai society to be smoke-free

Ms. Dawn continued that by supporting tobacco control measures at all levels. Promoting smoke-free environmental measures Educating and raising awareness about the dangers of cigarettes. To modify the behavior of quitting smoking Available to provide treatment for cigarette addiction and nicotine products. In order for Thai people to quit smoking correctly and safely There are both drug addiction treatment services and non-drug use to help quit smoking, for example, Faasai clinic, a volunteer drug store. Nursing service system for smoking cessation, one stop service, smoking cessation line 1600, community empowerment to help quit smoking by volunteers.

Ms. Dawn said that foot reflexology helps to quit smoking, etc., with the goal of helping Thailand reduce the smoking rate according to the goals set by the World Health Organization. Reduce the smoking rate to 15% of the world population Or there are no more than 9 million smokers by 2025.

“Currently, all over the world, including Thailand, are affected by the coronavirus disease, or COVID-19, which will destroy the lungs. Smoking of any kind causes severe pneumonia. Cigarettes are the main cause of lung damage and increased risk of contracting the virus. And spread the virus through aerosol Different types of cigarette smoke if a smoker is infected with COVID-19. Will result in symptoms worsening. The SSS invites you to use this opportunity to quit smoking of all kinds. For their own health And for the safety of COVID-19, “Ms. Arun said.

Assoc. Prof. Suthat Rungruang Hiranya Internal Medicine Specialist in Respiratory Diseases Department of Internal Medicine Faculty of Medicine Srinakharinwirot University (SWU), as Vice President of the Medical Profession Network for Controlling Tobacco Consumption Supported by OSMs, said that at the moment, the Faculty of Medicine, SWU, in collaboration with the Center for Research and Knowledge Management for Tobacco Control (SorJor) FTI and the Government Pharmaceutical Organization (A.D.) are conducting research studies to develop a new type of smoking cessation drug in Thailand called “Cytisine” (Cytisine), a natural extract from “Golden Chamchuri Seed” has properties that help relieve nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Make you relax and not frustrated while entering the process of quitting smoking.

Assoc. Prof. Suthat continued that this drug has been used for more than 60 years in Eastern Europe. It is a very effective and safe smoking cessation drug. It is a drug that the World Health Organization has endorsed and is encouraged by governments of all countries to make it easier for their people to access cheap smoking cessation drugs. At this time, the research of Thailand is in the process of analyzing data of 500 people who received this drug smoking cessation service compared with another group of 500 people who used other drugs. The data will be analyzed within a month. This When the results of the research have been completed The pharmacist will register the drug with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and will then push this drug into the national list of major drugs.

“This drug has a relatively inexpensive production cost compared to other types of smoking cessation drugs that are already available in Thailand. I am confident that the police officer will be able to set the selling price at a low price so that all Thai people can have access to the drug. Quit smoking good and cheap thoroughly. For how to use this drug The pill comes in a size of 1.5 mg / tablet, during the first 3 days you have to take 6 tablets / day, then reduce the size gradually to 5 tablets / day, then 4 tablets / day and 2 tablets / day until the completion of 25 days. Now there is research abroad trying to find an easier way to take this drug. It was found that I could only eat 2 tablets 3 times a day over the course of 25 days. The results were no different, ”Assoc. Assoc.

Assoc. Prof. Suthat said that cytisine is a good drug, safe, cheap, and there are many international studies to support that it is really effective. It is of great interest to many countries, in addition, there are efforts to bring this drug. Which originally did not have the copyright owner of drugs Registered in the United States To hope to own this drug and see the profit of the business. For Thailand This drug is not yet listed in the country’s drug account system.

Assoc. Prof. Suthat said that it is necessary for the government of Thailand to urgently push this drug into the drug account system. So that this drug is the property of all Thai people. Having good quality and cheap smoking cessation drugs Self-produced by the government sector It is an important step forward for smoking cessation services in Thailand that will help Thais get better health and get away from tobacco products more permanently.

“The network partners have been actively promoting smoking cessation campaigns with the Thai Health Promotion Foundation. With the Fahsai Clinic Providing smoking cessation services and referring to treatment in health service systems nationwide. According to the statistics of the network of quit smoking counseling clinics, on average, in 1 year, the average number of participants was able to quit smoking 30-40 percent, while only 10 percent of those who did not use drugs were able to quit successfully. Manually Without having access to any form of smoking cessation services Will have only 5 percent chance of quitting success, “said Assoc. Prof. Suthat.

Assoc. Prof. Suthat said that on the World No Tobacco Day this year. World Health Organization The slogan “Commit to quit” has been set up to encourage governments of different countries. Has promoted and strengthened the smoking cessation service system While also giving people more access to cheap drugs to help quit smoking Which is in line with the work of Thai Health Promotion Foundation And partners who have set a goal to reduce the smoking rate of Thais by at least 25 percent from the original cyticine. It will be an important helper for Thai people to be healthier and more smoke-free.

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