Thailand Post announces EMS World shipping cost reduction of up to 46%

Thailand Post announces a reduction in EMS World service rates for the year 2023, with a maximum reduction of more than 46%, including 15 prominent destinations worldwide. Support sending items abroad Accept online travel trade with discounts for POST Family members of up to 10% from today until December 31, 2023. Check the service fee on the website.

Dr Dhanan Suphatrabandhu, President of Thailand Post Co, Ltd, said that Thailand Post has reduced EMS World service rates for 15 destinations, namely Taiwan, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada, Austria, Israel, South Africa, Sweden, Hong Kong, India, Nepal, Iran, Maldives, Myanmar The 5 most popular destinations are Taiwan, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada.

In Taiwan, the service fee has been reduced by up to 46% (all coordinates) The starting rate for items weighing no more than 250 grams starts at 720 baht. The UK, biggest discount of 36%, starting at 1,120 German baht, a maximum discount of 32%, starting at 1,120 baht, France, a maximum of 24% in coordinates of 3 kg or more, starting with the first coordinates of 1,760 baht, and Canada , maximum discount of 6% in coordinates of 5-14 kg and 15-30 kg, first 1,440 baht

For the EMSWorld service, this is the most popular core service of sending items abroad, it can send up to 5 kg for documents and up to 30 kg for items Delivery status can be monitored 24 hours a day. There is a pick up service at the address receiver (Pickup Service) in Bangkok area – perimeter and boxes / envelopes free for delivery.

The reduction in service rates will help Thai sellers better manage shipping costs for overseas destinations. Popular to send items together during important holidays. Including groups of tourists who buy souvenirs from souvenir shops in tourist attractions too.

In addition to the reduced service fee rates, Thailand Post has also offered a special discount to POST Family members with an overseas delivery amount of 5,000 baht or more, receiving a maximum discount of 10% (subject to specified conditions) for the EMSWorld service ( items only), CourierPost, international mail parcels, air and ground ePacket from today – 31 December 2023. For more information, contact THPContactCenter 1545 or check service rates via

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