Thailand Post has already explained! The girl complained about the delay in submitting documents. Scholarship to study at university

Thailand Post apologizes for the delay in sending documents. After the post-university girl sent documents since December 10, 2022, but just received a scholarship to continue studying

From the case of a young woman who posted stating that “Well, I want to know why the delivery of Thai postal items is so slow. I mean, the university has sent us documents since December 10, 2022, but we received it yesterday when we read the letter. We just realized that we have to give up the right to receive a scholarship to study. (Expires 15/1/66), but just received a letter yesterday (28 January kh.)”

Recently, a Facebook fan page of Thailand Post Co, Ltd posted an explanation on this incident, saying, “In the case of a service user receiving important documents notifying late entry to study in the destination area, Sakon Nakhon province

Thailand Post has been informed of such cases and apologizes to the users for the incident.

To begin with, encourage the staff to check the date, time and process of deposit and dispatch from origin to destination.

However, such important documents are ordinary stamped letters. It takes time to check the route. If the facts that happened Thailand Post will inform you soon.”

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