Thailand rises in the Top10 “the most influential country in Asia”, the United States in 1st place, and China in second.

Asia Power Index published by independent Australian research institute, Lowy. On Sunday (February 5), Thailand is ranked 10th, while the United States remains the most influential person in Asia. and then China

The top 10 most influential countries in Asia

1. United States

2. China

3. Japan

4. India

5. Russia

6. Australia

7. South Korea

8. Singapore

9. Indonesia

10. Thailand

The Asian Influence Index calculates a score based on your ability to influence Asia. with 8 indicators, including economic capability Competitive power, military, diplomatic capability, flexibility, future resources. national defense network and cultural influences from 26 countries

Thai influence in Asia

Thailand is in 10th place, classified as a middle-influential country. Thailand’s strong indicators are economic relations and this aspect was 7th as a result of participationsupply chainin the region and aftercommercial relationshipStrong Investments with Countries Listed in the Asia Influence Index But the lowest ranked metrics were future military capability and resources. which will rank 14 and 15 out of 26 countries respectively

cultural influence Thailand’s strongest indicator fell two places to 8th as tourism declined during the pandemic.COVID 19

However, Thailandinfluencein Asia more than expected by commentators

ASEAN is starting to play a role

countries in the regionsouth east asia He began to stand out in the regionIndo-Pacific As ASEAN leaders seek to build readiness in the South China Sea region and engage more cautiously with major powers.

Although the region is considered particularly non-partisan, And dealing with the challenges of great powers is difficult, but “Susannah Patton” is the head of the index study program and the director of the South East Asia Department of the Lowy Institute. reference information showing that country isASEANMost of them have high level contacts and diplomatic enthusiasm.

“ASEAN is far from being dominated by superpowers. especially Indonesia where overall influence scores continue to improve and diplomatic powers This is reflected in Indonesia’s recent moves against Myanmar and the border between Russian and Ukraine,” said Patton.

Countries of Middle Influence

From the report, it shows that Japan is in the 3rd place in terms of economic and investmentwith fewer Asian countries

Fourth ranked India has tremendous economic potential and future military influence.

As for Russia, which continues to occupy the top 5 continuously, scores dropped in several areas. with influencediplomacyvery low due to different countries Escape from Moscow government after birthUkraine war

Superpower USA-China

Patton gave an interview through the Asia Tonight Channel News Asia programme United StatesThere are many advantages. One of them is a national defense network that is far ahead of China.ChinaMainly in terms of economic relations.”

The Washington Government’s proposals for Asia Focus on close collaboration with selected partners including Japan, Australia, India and South Korea.

China, on the other hand, has much wider allies. Although relations in the region may seem superficial and focus more on flirting with many countries, the Chinese government has a stronger military capability than last year.

The study said the US could no longer be the undisputed leader in the region as China’s influence grew. But the Washington government still expects to have the greatest influence in Asia for the next few years at least, as current events show that the Beijing government has very little hope of leading the United States by the end of the century.

Patton said the US-China race continues With no one in a position to push the other off the field.

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