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pass with the job “Thailand TikTok Awards 2022” which creates an important phenomenon AND many surprises with votes from Thai people all over the country, a total of more than 10 million times in just 12 days, with more than 233 million views of #TikTokAwards2022TH.

At the awards ceremony The event opened with a red carpet walk of more than 300 famous actors and artists, led by Vi Violet, Ingfah Waraha, Nangun, Bowkylion, 4EVE, Pixxie, Sara Salora, Trinasit Cod Bar Including creators known across the country as Bie the Ska, My Mate Nate, Bow Kanyarat, Kew Teppa, Pete Pamana etc. At the award ceremony, there was a special show by the artist. The Voice of Thailand including the artists whose songs went viral overnight. Belle Warisara owner of songs bring a pen, a very confident mother from strut and shows from TPOP artists such as 4EVE, Pixxie

As for the prize, it’s just as hot Thammachad win a prize Creator of the year Best Content Creator of the Year which is the event’s biggest award to dominate Trinasit barcode he won Rising star of the year The Rising Star’s Best Content Creator of the Year section Ingfa Waraha received overwhelming votes Celebrity of the year Best content creators of the year as well as other awards that proudly guarantee the results of the content creator’s hard work.

All the results of TikTok Awards Thailand 2022 are as follows:

The People’s Choice
Creator of the year Top content creators of the year are: Thammachad
Rising star of the year The best rising stars of content creators of the year are: Tin bar code
Celebrity of the year Top content creators of the year are: English
Artist of the year Top content creators of the year are: 4 YEARS OLD
Live Streamer of the year The best live streamers of the year are: Trainer
Viral song of the year The top trending artists of the year are: PP Crete performance I’ll Make It How You Like It

Hall of Fame Awards
Best of Fashion and Beauty The top fashion and beauty content creators are: Bewvaraporn
Best of Food The best food content creators are: Bella_cloch22
Best of Gaming Top game content creators include: Dragongold_taiyang
The Best of Learning and Education The best educational content creators are: Fern_fernforfun
Best Lifestyle The best lifestyle content creators are: Japanese friends
Best of Sport The best sports content creators are: Women

Special Awards
Entertainment Partner of the Year The Best Entertainment Partners of the Year are: Netflixth
Social Impact Partner of the Year The best social mobility partners of the year are: Thaidmh Department of Mental Health

Photo collection of Thailand TikTok Awards 2022

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