Thailand vs Vietnam, Final Fantasy SEA Games

Thailand meets Vietnam, the final match in the dream, the SEA Games, the field is definitely broken.

Mano Polking, the head coach of the “Thai national team”, released a press conference after the game that the extra-time team won. “Indonesia national team” 1-0 through to the finals. SEA Games men’s football match with host Vietnam, who slashed Malaysia in extra time 1-0, came to compete with Thailand, a dream contender that football fans would like to see this pair See who will be one of the ASEAN

19 May 65 Mano Polking, head coach of the “Chang Suek” Thai national football team Released a press conference after the game in which the extra-time team slashed the Indonesian national team 1-0, passing through to the finals of the 2021 SEA Games men’s football successfully. 94 minutes, ready to go through to the finals. went to claim gold coins successfully

After the game, head coach Mano Polking said: “I’m more than happy, happy and proud of our players, as everyone knows we are. There was only a day or two before we gathered 20 people and made our way here. They didn’t have time to practice together. But we have to admire the players. We all fought together, showing great spirits and fighting as a great team. allowing us to pass into the finals I got a yellow card because it was a good intention. Will go in and tell the players not to fight and do not lose more red and yellow cards. But the referee saw that going into the field is in accordance with the rules that must be yellow carded. Good intentions.”

“Of course, in the finals, we have to sit and study the competitors again. We have to look at each other, but we are ready to analyze their strengths and weaknesses and do our best for the final. But today it’s awesome. and must admire the heroine Because normally he can’t shoot right foot. I don’t know how I got shot today. Beautiful right shot Now it doesn’t depend on training. but restoring the body How can the players return completely? or how many people are ready for the final depends on the physiotherapist our analyst to prepare the plans for the final to meet with host Vietnam.”

After the Thai national team drew 0-0 with Indonesia in the 90 minutes before extra time, another 30 minutes and was Wiratep Pomphan, a full ankle shot with the right foot, leading “War Elephants” to slash 1-0 to reach the finals of the 2021 SEA Games. succeed

“Madam Pang” Nuanphan Lamsam, the team manager, revealed that “the game is said to Mr. Pipat Ratchakitprakarn, Minister of Tourism and Sports. who have traveled to watch the game to Tian Truong Stadium, said that he was very impressed with this game Therefore, we have given the children in the team an injection amount of 1 million baht, which everyone has not known before.”

“As the drama at the end of the game that William Wilderje got a red card, she was very sad. and wept as well which wants to end the drama here And let’s talk about it again in the finals.” For the final Will compete on May 22 at 19.00 at My Dinh Stadium, where he will meet with the host Vietnam defeated Malaysia 1-0 as well.


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