Thailand’s Mi Chai wins KLPGA International Qualifying Tournament

Kusuma Michai with the championship trophy

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(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Choi Song-ah = Thailand’s Kusuma Michai won the KLPGA Tour International Qualifying Tournament (IQT).

Michai won the championship with a total of 21 under par 267 until the 4th round of the tournament held at the Phoenix Gold Golf and Country Club (par 72) in Pattaya, Thailand until the 7th.

IQT is a competition held by the KLPGA since 2015 to provide opportunities for foreign players to participate.

1st to 5th place will receive an annual seed ticket for next year’s 2nd KLPGA Dream Tour, and 1st to 3rd place will be exempt from prerequisites for regular tour seedings and will receive a chance to go straight to the finals.

The winner will also receive a ticket to the KLPGA Championship.

Michai, who rose to the top by 9 strokes over 2017 IQT winner Chen Yuju (Taiwan, 12 under par 276), made his professional debut in 2010 and has been active on the Thailand and China tours.

Park Seong-hyeon (29), who identified Park Seong-hyeon (29) as his role model, said, “I want to advance to the regular tour by getting good results in the regular tour seed ranking game. If given a chance, I also for winning the KLPGA Tour, the world’s most intense tour.”

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