Thailand’s most powerful field machines attack Army 108-42, shoot Thailand Open

Thailand Championship men’s basketball tournament for the year 2022 or “Thailand Open 2022” during 17-25 September 65 at the Gym, Hi-Tech Club, Pracha Uthit 74/1, Thung Khru, with 11 leading teams in the country participating in the competition, including from Hi-Tech Group A (former champion), Sniper, Royal Thai Air Force Club, Chulalongkorn University and Banwas Slammers, Phra Nakhon Police Station, Group B, Krueng Thai Stadium (Former runner-up ), Ares BKK, Shoot It Dragons, Khon Kaen Raptors, BU-FBA and Army Basketball Club. Compete in a head-to-head group stage and lead the two best performing teams from each group to the next semi-finals.

On 19 September. Highlights of the group stage match, Group B, between the Army Basketball Club on the field for the 3rd game after winning 1, losing 1, with 3 points, a clash with the Thai machine on the ground that made i’ r first 2 games worked as well as The old vice-champion and the placed team in this group B by collecting all the victories, there are 4 full points.

List of the 5 best players from both teams. Royal Thai Army Basketball Club includes Pattaraphon Sangsri, Phuwadol Buakhao, Piyawat Ketbunlue, Nattakit Netsuriwong and Suriya Chamkrachang, while Thailand’s stadium outfit includes Wattana Suthisin, Phurinan Nanto, Kanwat Lertlaokul, Bundit Lakharn and Thanawat Preechahan

Thai machines run games aggressively. They played a smooth attacking game and knocked down three points. In the first quarter, with the quality of many former Thai national team players, after the first 5 minutes, the lead is 10 points, change the reserve players to the full set, whose potential is not real inferior the Army. On the Army side, when crossing in, he is often frustrated because he is intercepted by the Thai defensive line and has to lose turnovers very often. The first quartet, the Royal Thai Army is still hoping only for the three-point ball of “Smart” Nattakit Netsiriwong, finishing the first quartet.

The Army is inferior in every movement. Because even the reserve players can shoot three points correctly, not miss the real one, such as “Ton” Thakdanai Chulatep, “Tum” Anucha Langshui or Ifan Arbu, while the Army side has passed their game still three offensive quarters. Unable to penetrate to score Even in the third quarter, they only shot 2 goals, finishing the third court, the Thai field machine fled 82-34.

The rest of the time, even if the Army tries to switch players down in case it makes a difference in the game, it doesn’t work. race overtime Former runner-up Thailand kept victory over The Army Basketball Club managed to surpass 66 points with a score of 108-42.

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