Thailand’s stock market closed down 0.69 points, selling to reduce risks ahead of the long holiday.

In addition, this period also approaches May 14, which is the day of the main election in Thailand. Causing some investors to delay their investment waiting for clarity on which political party will become the government If there is more clarity returns to be a supporting factor for the Thai stock market in the future

As for the trend tomorrow (May 3), the market has an opportunity to penetrate further. Of reducing risks before a long holiday Set the support at 1,500 points and the resistance at 1,540 points.

The securities with the highest trading value of the 5 securities

KBANK, with a trading value of 1,376.70 million baht, closed at 127.50 baht, up 2.50 baht
DELTA trading value 1,340.99 million baht, closed at 76.50 baht, up 3.75 baht
KTB, with a trading value of 1,275.34 million baht, closed at 18.10 baht, up 0.10 baht.
CPALL trading value 1,136.02 million baht, closed at 64.50 baht, a decrease of 0.25 baht.
PTT trading value 1,064.41 million baht, closed at 31.00 baht, price unchanged


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