Thailand’s Wat Suthi School Orchestra Crowned Champions at Malaysia International Wind Festival

Wat Suthi Orchestra Secures Champion Title in Malaysia

The “Wat Suthi School Orchestra” has emerged as the champion of the “Malaysia International Wind Festival (miwFEST) 2023” after an entire year of diligent practice. Director Ya is immensely proud of the team’s achievements and has set their sights on competing in the World Championships for the next three years. The Netherlands will be their next destination.

A Stellar Performance in Kuala Lumpur

Atthaphon Thirapornphongsiri, Director of Wat Suthiwararam School, reported on the success of their main orchestra competition at the “Malaysia International Wind Festival (miwFEST) 2023 and Malaysia Band Clinic (MBC) 2023” held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The event saw numerous leading orchestras from various schools across ASEAN participating in the youth and youth categories. It provided an opportunity for children to showcase their musical skills while gaining valuable experience. The Wat Suthi School orchestra team, consisting of 56 students, 7 conductors, and 2 school administrators, achieved exceptional results and secured the Gold award and First Place category in the International Scholartic A premiere Division. This resounding victory exemplified Thailand’s musical talent and brought pride to the institution.

The team sought blessings and bid farewell to Thailand before embarking on their journey to Malaysia, where they received well wishes from Mr. Sermsak Phongpanich, Minister of Culture. Their success was a testament to their hard work and dedication.

A Year of Preparation

Dr. Atthaphon, speaking on behalf of “Director Ya,” revealed that the Wat Suthi School orchestra team had rehearsed for a year in preparation for the competition. Renowned for their expertise in ancient music, the team had previously performed in front of Mr. Chatchart Sitthiphan, the Governor of Bangkok, garnering global attention. The team’s performance at the competition aligned perfectly with their goals, showcasing their exceptional skills and reflecting the rich Thai culture. The director expressed delight and pride in the team’s achievements and emphasized their plans to compete in the upcoming World Cup 2026 in the Netherlands, aiming to bring the trophy home.

Gratitude for Generous Support

The school received generous support to fund their participation in the competition, including flight tickets, accommodation, food, and transportation costs totaling 1,700,000 baht. Mr. Pipat Labprathana, President of the Suthiwararam Alumni Association, contributed 100,000 baht, while Chao Khun Phra Sutherattanabundit, the abbot of Wat Suthi, donated another 100,000 baht. The marching band manager, Multhi Nirujirawong, provided 30,000 baht from the Royal Patronage, and an additional 30,000 baht was contributed by the PTA, totaling 360,000 baht. The remaining funds were graciously provided by various kind-hearted individuals and organizations. The administrator of Wat Suthi School expressed gratitude for this kindness and highlighted the school’s commitment to supporting students with special abilities in areas such as sports, football, orchestra, marching band, and scouting, fostering a diverse and reputable institution.

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Wat Suthi Orchestra emerges as champion in Malaysia – Director Ya is very proud, setting the goal to continue competing in the World Championships.

prosperity! The Land of the Yellow Tigers The “Wat Suthi School Orchestra” emerges as the champion of the “Malaysia International Wind Festival (miwFEST) 2023” after practicing hard throughout the year. Until success as hoped Aiming to move on for another 3 years to compete in the World Championships. in the Netherlands

Atthaphon Thirapornphongsiri Director of Wat Suthiwararam School Report on the movement of the main orchestra competition “Malaysia International Wind Festival (miwFEST) 2023 and Malaysia Band Clinic (MBC) 2023” in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia Between 9-10 September last There are many leading orchestras under various schools, in youth and youth categories, from all over ASEAN, travel to compete. In order to open up experiences and showcase musical skills for all children to test their skills, the results show that the Wat Suthi School orchestra team Can create excellent work. The winner’s trophy, Gold award and First Place category, International Scholartic A premiere Division, were successfully won. There were a total of 56 students in the Wat Suthi School orchestra who took part in the musical performance, along with 7 other conductors and 2 school administrator, working together to create this success for Thailand and the institute.“Pink, Gwyn, Gwyrdd” Before leaving for Tiger Country, the whole team went to ask for blessings and say goodbye. Mr Sermsak Phongpanich, Minister of Culture Ready to wish that Let’s bring back victory and success. that everyone can do as they hope

On behalf of “Director Ya” Dr Atthaphon revealed that the Wat Suthi School orchestra team has been rehearsing together for a year for middle and high school students. We have been famous for our ancient music for a long time. In addition, this team has also performed in front of Mr. Chatchart Sitthiphan, the Governor of Bangkok. who secretly came to visit and encourage the children Last year, it became a worldwide trend. In terms of the work that came out, it was in line with the expected goals. Because everyone has always been fit and trained hard. and having tried to fix several defects until having such success It is considered to be a good thing for a famous old school in Thailand. Personally, I feel delighted and very happy with the overall picture that came out. Because the children were able to show their musical skills. And show good Thai culture and various manners for everyone to see until they like it. However, this team still has time to gather experience. In the next 3 years we will travel to compete in the world orchestra championship or “World Cup 2026” in the Netherlands. And try to get the trophy back.

Although the budget for traveling to this competition is two Flight tickets, accommodation, food and various transport costs 1,700,000 baht The school received good support from Mr Pipat Labprathana, President of the Suthiwararam Alumni Association, in an amount of 100,000 baht, Chao Khun Phra Sutherattanabundit. The abbot of Wat Suthi 100,000 baht, the marching band manager 100,000 baht, Multhi Nirujirawong 30,000 baht under the Royal Patronage and another 30,000 baht from the PTA, for a total of 360,000 baht, with the rest provided additionally by kind adults and agencies various. Ready to thank you for this kindness too. In this regard, he, as the administrator of Wat Suthi School, places importance on many dimensions. Both are in the matter of sports, football, orchestra, marching band and special scout troops or “Phetchabongkot” in order to encourage students with special abilities in these areas to study in school according to the quota every year. Support these people to build a good reputation and diverse work for the institute. Finally, we would like to thank all the sponsors behind this success.

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