Thainakarin Hospital Inspires Elderly to Conquer Their Health on International Day of the Elderly 2023

Thainakarin Hospital Encourages Elderly to Embrace Health and Age Gracefully

In celebration of the International Day of the Elderly 2023, Thainakarin Hospital organized an inspiring event called “Young, Young, Without Fear of Getting Old.” The aim was to highlight the significance of every elderly individual and promote mutual assistance in maintaining their health for a higher quality of life.

The event commenced with an opening speech by Dr. Paitoon Khajonwatchara, the esteemed Director of Operations at Thainakarin Hospital. Basic health check-up services including blood pressure measurement, diabetes screening through fingertip blood sugar level tests, bone density evaluation, and retinal examinations were provided. Furthermore, a Health Talk session covering the topics “Arming Heart Health in the Elderly” by cardiovascular expert Dr. Anchisa Wongchanayut and “Magic to Slow Down Dementia in the Elderly” by brain and nervous system specialist Dr. Praveena Direk Wattanachai, took place.

Moreover, a workshop activity titled “Healthy Food That Pleases You, Old-Fashioned Style” led by a registered dietitian and accompanied by beautiful music by the band ‘Roi Karat’, enriched the atmosphere of the event. Attendees embraced the occasion wholeheartedly, spreading warmth and joy throughout the Sunday morning on October 1, 2023, from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. The event was held at the serene Coffee and Library zone on the 3rd floor of Thainakarin Hospital.

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Thainakarin Hospital is organizing an activity to challenge the elderly to conquer their health “Young, young, without fear of getting old” on the International Day of the Elderly 2023 to show the value of every elderly person. Including helping each other to take care of health to have a better quality of life with Dr. Paitoon Khajonwatchara, Director of Operations It is an honor for the chairman to deliver the opening speech. At the event, basic health check-up services, such as blood pressure measurement, were provided. Test your fingertip blood sugar level to check your diabetes status. Check bone density and examine the retina Including a Health Talk discussion on the topic “Arming heart health in the elderly” by Dr Anchisa Wongchanayut, a specialist in cardiovascular medicine, and the topic “Magic to slow down dementia in the elderly” by Dr Praveena Direk. Wattanachai, an expert in the brain and nervous system There is also a workshop activity “Healthy food that pleases you. Old Fashioned Style” by a dietitian and beautiful music by the band ‘Roi Karat’ The atmosphere of the event was full of happiness. The warmth and smiles of those who attended the event on Sunday, October 1, 2023 between 8:00 am – 12:00 pm at the Coffee and Library zone, 3rd floor, Thainakarin Hospital.

Source: Thainakarin Hospital

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