Thais watch out for 12 people on the same plane as foreigners Smallpox infected with smallpox in Australia

Smallpox situation Director of the Division of Epidemiology, Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health announced that There are no confirmed cases in Thailand at this time. Preliminary examination at the airport found that a foreigner flew from a European country. by traveling in and layover in Thailand or transit to travel to Australia By transit for about 2 hours, at that time there were no symptoms. But when he arrived in Australia, he had symptoms, so close contacts had to be monitored. but still counts as not a high risk exposure A total of 12 passengers and crew are on the plane and have been followed for 7 days without symptoms. but must continue to follow up for 21 days

preparation in Thailand focus on disease surveillance immigrant Especially people from countries where the infection is found, such as Nigeria, England, Canada, Spain, and Portugal.

Previously, Thailand found foreign tourists with rashes and pustules that meet the criteria for suspected chickenpox cases in Thailand, amounting to 3 people.

-The number 1 male, Irish 30 years old, medical profession, on May 21, 2522, started having a rash on his left arm, 2 days later he started having a fever 38.9 received medicine at a private clinic in Phuket

– The second case, male, 27 years old, acting career On May 31, 2022, she started having a rash on the right back and neck, taking medication, her symptoms did not improve, and

-The number 3 males, 20 years old, college students On May 22, 2022, the rash started in the left armpit, took medicine, and the symptoms did not improve. All 3 are brothers. travel from london come to Phuket There is no close history of being infected with smallpox.

All three had a history of touching boxing equipment, sandbags, along with those who had a previous history of rash. doing activities in the same gym and having sex with Thai women and having close relationship with 3 brothers during their stay in Thailand and had to search for 2 more exposed patients from the same gym in Phuket And 20 close contacts, instructors and players in the same gym, all three were sent for diagnosis and treatment at the Bamrasnadura Institute. Since May 26, 2022, the disease investigation team has collected samples for testing in 3 laboratories.

Guidelines for patient management include suspected and infected patients with chickenpox. Must be tested according to the prescribed guidelines, receive treatment, check the risk history. Investigate the disease and consider isolates until the infection is not detected As for the confirmed cases of chickenpox Must be treated and considered isolated for 21 days from the onset of illness.

As a result, in Thailand, there were 5 patients with all the symptoms involved. Conclusions were diagnosed with herpes. not smallpox

Regarding the situation of chickenpox patients around the world There were 406 confirmed cases and 88 suspected cases, including 494 in 32 countries, with 101 in the UK, 22 in Germany, 139 in Spain and 74 in Portugal.


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