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Thammasat University signed a contract to order Approximately 200,000 tablets of molnupiravir

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Director of Thammasat Hospital revealed that the contract was signed. “Molnupiravir” with about 200,000 tablets from India.

Today (October 22, 64), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thurs Tor Udom, director of Thammasat Chalermprakiet Hospital, identified the import case. Molnupiravir that Thammasat Hospital has agreed to cooperate with drug manufacturers. mole nupiravir in india which is licensed to manufacture drugs from Merck To participate in the efficacy evaluation trial of the drug on stage 3 covid patients to evaluate the efficacy of this drug in Thammasat Hospital.

which will be imported Preliminary 13,000 molnupiravir tablets to help care for 250 covid patients in the trial is expected to happen soon. Including having a contract to order Molnupiravir, which will be used to help around 200,000 more coronavirus patients from Indian drugmakers.

However, these drugs Will be used during what days must wait for the US Food and Drug Administration or the US FDA to approve this drug before? and has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand before being used.

More information for prices Molnupiravir From a manufacturer in India, 1 course is 800 baht, with 1 course contains 40 pills, while if it is molnupiravir. From a manufacturer in the United States, 1 course is approximately 20,000-30,000 baht

while the import progress Moderna vaccine The director of Thammasat Hospital stated that Thammasat University is interested in vaccines as well. This year, it’s interested in the Moderna mRNA vaccine, and next year it’s a protein-base vaccine that will be used in the 3rd booster dose. Both cases have been discussed with two private companies in the purchasing and importing of Moderna. As for the talks in the contract, it confirmed that it would try to bring in the vaccine within this year. Whether it’s October or November

Preliminary according to the purchasing plan in the contract By October 1.5 million doses By mid-November 2 million doses Total 3.5 million doses

The part to announce that At what time of day will the vaccine be brought in? Still can’t tell clearly, so it’s not open to the public to reserve the vaccine. But when the vaccine arrives in Thailand? Thammasat Hospital will announce immediately Ordering of protein-base vaccines which has production bases in European countries The initial contract will be signed for approximately 10 million doses. The vaccine will arrive next year for the third dose. The advantage of the protein-base vaccine is that it has fewer side effects. which will be the next vaccine It is not a vaccine in the past generation.

by the protein-base vaccine Thammasat University It will not be imported without Novawax’s protein-base vaccine, but with the same technology of the European side. The latest developments, the manufacturer is in the process of applying for a license in phase 3 that is expected to be in December.

Photo courtesy of TNN Channel 16 / AFP

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