‘Thanapat’, president of Suan Chit Rotary, joins ‘Military Units’ in Dusit District to open a football field in the military camp. Launching a project to develop youth sports skills

Today (September 22) Mr. Thanaphat Thanakit-ararak, president of the Rotary Club of Chitralada, for the opening of the project to promote sports skills which, in addition to helping people take care of long-term health, Sports is also an activity aimed at developing social and emotional skills, as well with increasing competitiveness. Competitiveness and leadership (Leadership) align with learning 21st Century Skills under the globally focused Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

‘Thank you to the members of the Rotary Club who saw their abilities as a new generation of young people who love sports and honor the position Rotary Club President Suan Chitralada to drive a concrete push and thank you to the kind adults military departments in the an area that opens the pitch to outsiders including 18-year-old Thai national student team coaches, Coach Kai, Lt. Worakorn Sriwattana, the Transport Department of the Royal Thai Army (NBTC), as well as the Office of the Narcotics Control Board (NACC) which supports various sports equipment for children and young people in the Dusit community to practice according to their talent or interest,’ said mr. Thanaphat.

‘For young people living in Bangkok interested in taking part in sports skills development projects especially futsal Can use the field of military units in the Dusit area when organizing training to develop skills or take part in competitions Those who are interested can contact them or the directors of the Rotary Club of Chitralada,’ added Mr. Thanaphat.

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