Thaniya Plaza introduces 2 styles of cafes to cater to cafe-hopping

Thaniya Plaza Shopping Center (Silom) The largest golf center Landmark community in the heart of Silom ready to meet the needs of every lifestyle of the city people, such as Community Golf Hub, Lifestyle Shops, Food Hub under the concept The Future of Thaniya opens new experiences to please those Instagrammable recommends 2 hip cafes, 2 styles, for cafe-hopping lovers, don’t miss it!


Hario Cafe Bangkok (HARIO CAFÉ BANGKOK) from a brand that manufactures equipment related to Japan’s famous coffee brewing to Flagship Store, the largest Japanese-style cafe in the heart of the city and counted as the second branch in Thailand The concept of the shop is simple in Japanese Minimal style. Inside, there are different zones. perfectly in proportion and designed according to the seasons of Japan As you walk in, you’ll be greeted by bright pink cherry blossom trees that best represent Japan’s spring. Next comes the Speed ​​Bar and Outdoor, which is like a summer. The green of the trees contrasts perfectly with the blue representing the sky. Stepping into the Slow Bar zone, you will find a warm atmosphere that is comparable to autumn, with white, light brown tones giving you a relaxed feeling. This is the perfect place to enjoy a wide variety of fine coffee beans from all over the world and to sit and chat with the baristas.

Coffee lovers can’t miss the equipment zone that collects all types of appliances under the Hario brand to choose from. It is like winter, when it is cold and snowy, the restaurant has a service area and can accommodate up to 80 customers both inside and outside.

There is also a menu and bakery items that are carefully selected for customers. There is also a special activity BIY (Brew It Yourself), where you can enter a workshop and learn introductory drip coffee for free. Including a special Omakase course, using specially selected coffee beans, emphasizing the quality of every piece. For those who are passionate about specialty coffee and want to experience the real world of coffee It’s called a new community for coffee lovers to share experiences. and try it at an affordable price


PASTRY ARCHITECT, a French bakery and dessert shop. from experience expertise and liking to a shop that replicates the identity of Executive Pasty Chef Pastry Architect, Thaniya Plaza branch. The interior is decorated in casual tones, adding elements of wood and enhancing the aura of Japan, which is the identity of Thaniya area. Luxurious, modern, but still maintains a sleek, sleek working space corner with a large table. and a seating area for office workers in Silom Offer a menu of snacks and beverages. Delicately delicious, both in taste, beauty and quality ingredients at an affordable price. Every menu of the shop creates each piece of dessert meticulously. It’s like architecture that requires expertise. including different designs for each layer of candy which is the specialty of French desserts is the taste and the making process The shop is determined to try the recipe countless times. To be one of the most delicious, balanced and perfect words

The must-try special is L’Amour Rose Raspberry Mousse Cake with raspberry and rose scented cream. It has a fruity tartness followed by a coconut mousse. Cake set on coconut crumble base Use advanced methods The delicious taste can be bought as a gift for someone who is sure to like it.

Another signature dish at the restaurant is Bostock, Brioche Bread, Semi-Paste, Soft and Sweet. Add deliciousness on top with almond cream and almond slices. using butter and bread flour imported from France It is a menu that every table must order when they come to the restaurant.

Experience a new destination of cafe-hopping. With 2 hip cafes in 2 styles in the heart of the city, Thaniya Plaza Shopping Center (Silom) is easily accessible by either BTS Skytrain, Saladaeng Station, or MRT Silom Station, or by private car. Come here in one place. Guarantee that you can taste, snap, check in, all in one place.

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