Thank you ‘traffic traffic’ for changing lives!!!

Thank you ‘traffic traffic’ for changing lives!!!

anyone ‘Hate traffic jams’

But recently there was an American woman.

tell me that ‘Thank you traffic jam’ that makes Her life has changed!!!

Instantly turn into a ‘millionaire’!!!


South Carolina woman, USA

said that because of the traffic ‘Stuck heavy’ causing her to change lanes in time

So instead of driving her to the target store she intended to shop.

She had to change the route of driving to Sheep Way shop instead.

and when he got there So she bought the Bingo Square Lottery.

The price is 3 dollars, about 104 baht for 1 piece.

And then that lottery won 75,000 dollars, about 2,550,000 baht!!!

“When scratching out the lottery I was so shocked that I couldn’t say anything.”

“When I showed my husband the lottery He still couldn’t believe it.”

The lucky woman told about the ‘golden minute’ that she still remembers the feeling of that time.

and said that the prize money will be paid for all mortgage payments

“There is no need for a mortgage anymore. From now on there will be only happy days.”

At least now there is one person who feels it. ‘Thank you traffic jam’!!!


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