Thanks to a drug-free organization in the South Islands, thanks to the additional programs of Our Readers

Saying you are a drug-free organization, but in fact, it is much harder. It accepts additional programs that give real time and money commitments.

West Virginia building unions and such partner partner partners have long since agreed and have been proud of producing a drug-free labor force in the Live Service for over 20 years. In fact, the Charleston Building Traders and the Kanawha Valley Builders Association met together 25 years ago to establish the Education and Development Program (LEAD) program and now, the West West union building industry can attract it to be among the lowest illegal drug use in the nation.

Using an independent certification test laboratory, our drug screening program tests for ten illicit drug categories. The program provides an annual test for all trade union workers as well as optional randomized testing. In total, LEAD carries out more than 15,000 drug tests every year.

Next Wednesday, February 13, West Virginia West Construction and Construction State Trade Council will be testing free drugs for members of the Seanad and West Virginia House of Representatives to not only educate the process drug testing, but more importantly, to showcase the great availability of drug-free workforce in our region, thanks to LEAD efforts.

We have a great deal of highly trained, skilled and sober Virgin Virginia, but workers are often imported from outside the state to take local jobs. Any company requiring drug-free workers in the construction industry can not be looking for the right place or trying for a free work.

With regard to the 52 contractors participating in our drug test program, there is no problem available for construction workers who can handle drugs. The next time you ride a construction site and a sign of LEAD mail site, note that it has created a hard working model and co-operation, business and work model that ensures that there is a safe, drug-free workforce in our West Virginia region.

Chuck Parker is 132 Local Business Manager of Operating Engineers.


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