#ThanStocks – Thai Stock Market Index Gains 6.36 Points, Reflecting Positive Afternoon Trading Conditions

Thai Stock Market Index Closes with a Slight Increase

Date: 21 September 2023

The Thai stock market index concluded its trading day on a positive note, reaching 1,514.26 points. This represents a gain of 6.36 points or 0.42% compared to the previous session. The total trading value of the market amounted to 42,367.61 million baht.

During afternoon trading, the index witnessed a steady upward movement. It reached a peak of 1,517.37 points before undergoing a slight decline, attributed to profit-taking activities.

However, today’s market conditions highlighted certain trends among specific stocks. The buying pressure was observed in TRUE and CPALL stocks, indicating investors’ interest in these companies. Conversely, selling pressure affected SCB and DELTA stocks, suggesting a resistance to their upward trajectory. This divergence in sentiment suggests a limited scope for overall market growth.

Top 10 Stocks with Highest Trading Value

  • Stock 1
  • Stock 2
  • Stock 3
  • Stock 4
  • Stock 5
  • Stock 6
  • Stock 7
  • Stock 8
  • Stock 9
  • Stock 10

These stocks boast significant trading value, indicating substantial investor interest and activity.

#ThanStocks – The Thai stock market index closed today (21 September 2023) at 1,514.26 points, plus 6.36 points or 0.42%, with a trading value of 42,367.61 million baht. Afternoon trading conditions, the index moved in positive territory. The index rose to a maximum of 1,517.37 points before profit taking caused the index to weaken. Today there is buying pressure in TRUE and CPALL stocks, while selling pressure is also in SCB and DELTA stocks, which means the market cannot rise much.

The top 10 stocks with the highest trading value today

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