That “Final Sword” is in the limelight with the game revival that sold out again in 5 days Meaning of “dual wield”: J-CAST trend

The Nintendo Switch download-only game “Final Sword Definitive Edition” (developed and sold by HUP Games) was released on January 21, 2021. It has been attracting attention on Twitter for nearly half a day since dawn on the same day, as it continues to enter the trend word.

The work was released on Nintendo Switch as “Final Sword” on July 2, 2008. However, it was pointed out that some of the BGM used in the work is similar to the game “The Legend of Zelda”, and the distribution was canceled on July 6. With the release of the “Definitive Edition”, some “chosen ones” are in the limelight, as the chances of getting the initial version of “Final Sword” were only a few days.

  • The image is from the official website of HUP Games, the developer and distributor.

  • The image is from the official website of HUP Games, the developer and distributor.

Should be the “last sword”

“It seems that the act of owning the old version and the Definitive Edition version of Final Sword at the same time is called dual wield. Because it is a sword.”

In this way, the word “dual wield” has become a hot topic on Twitter. It seems to refer to the act of downloading both “Final Sword” and “Final Sword Definitive Edition” to Nintendo Switch.

However, since “Final Sword” is translated as “the last sword”, “dual wield” has a big contradiction. Some Twitter users envy those who buy the initial version of “Final Sword”, which was sold only for a moment, as a “chosen person”. ..

“Mystery that can only be used by a limited number of people”
“I regret that I should have bought the old version because I was too envious.”

“Final Sword” is also distributed as an app game for iOS / Android. If you have apps for Nintendo Switch, it’s “three-sword style”.


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