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That guilt later turned into love … Ajith Shalini love story | That guilt later turned into love … Ajith Shalini love story

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Ajith and Shalini are a favorite couple not only for Tamil Nadu but also for the Malayalee audience. Shalini came to cinema as a child actress. The first movie was for my mother-in-law. Even when she was a child actress, Shalini had a performance that surpassed that of an adult in acting. Shalini has also acted as a child in movies including Mammootty movie Sandarbham.

As a child actress, Shalini also excelled in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. Shalini amazed the audience with her performance. His last film as a child was released in 1990.

Later, he stayed away from cinema for seven years. Later, in 1997, she returned with Kunchacko Boban as the heroine with Aniyathipravi. Aniyathipravu was a huge success and was the heroine and heroine. When the movie was remade in Tamil, she became the heroine of Vijay. With the film becoming a super hit in Tamil too, Shalini was in a frenzy of opportunities.

If you ask movie lovers which heroine still wants to be active in cinema again today, the name Shalini can definitely be heard. When the chemistry of Kunchacko Bobanshal in films like Aniyathipravu and Niram got a lot of attention, news and gossips came that the two were in love.

But by then Shalini had started falling in love with Ajith. Ajith Shalini’s love story is similar to movie stories. Ajith and Shalini fell in love in 1999 when they were acting in the movie Amarkalam. Ajith unknowingly cut off Shalini’s hand in a shot that was thrown at the heroine Shalini. Things changed after that incident.

Shalini even came to Amarkalam to act after a long struggle by the line workers. When the director first went, Shalini and her family sent her back saying that she was giving importance to her studies and that there was a plus two exam. However, as he was determined to make Shalini the heroine, Sharan sent Ajith to persuade the actress.

When Shalini repeated about the exam, without even asking Saran, Ajith said, “Finish the exam first … We can postpone the shooting … That’s how Shalini agreed to act.” Shalini, who later came for the shoot, was injured by a knife in Ajith’s hand while filming the action scene.

Ajith was saddened to see Shalini crying in pain. Ajith has said in several interviews that the guilt later turned into love.

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