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That’s all! 10 baht per pack of rice. It really exists. Open for 2 months. Lots of customers. Who doesn’t have free food?

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That’s all! 10 baht per pack of rice. Open for 2 months. Lots of customers. Reveal the slogan. Customers can live. The merchant survives Who doesn’t have a meal for free? sympathize with people with low incomes

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On October 18, 1964, at Phra Ong Dam Road, Muang District, Phitsanulok Province, where Phitsanulok people eat a variety of food areas. There will be many vendors to set up street food stalls selling a variety of food. There are dozens of shops open to the roadside. There is an eye-catching shop called “Khao Packed 10 Baht Shop” in front of the National Blood Donation Center Region 9 Phitsanulok, where regulars and non-traditional customers come to support them all the time. because the price is so cheap and a variety of dishes with more than 20 dishes each day

As for the 10 baht rice packet shop, it has just been opened for 2 months, with Ms. Duenpen Iamsai, 30, a native of Samor Khae sub-district, Muang district, Phitsanulok province as the owner of the shop. Each day, there are 26-27 side dishes such as Stir-Fried Chicken Stomach, Stir-Fried Pork Basil, Stir-Fried Pumpkin, Stir-Fried Nook Mei, Chili Paste, Cha-Om Shrimp Paste, Fried Egg, Omelet, Fish Porridge, and Orange Juice. Most of them are sold only 10 baht per pack. There are some menus that customers order as a side dish. Put in bags for sale, 10-20 baht per bag, depending on the needs of customers. Most of the supporters are people of working age.

Ms. Duenphen revealed that she had worked at a hotel for 5 years, being a waiter, bartender, and even having her first child, so she left her job to help her sister sell Pad Thai. but would like to have their own business So he used the last capital of 3,000 baht to buy kitchen equipment and raw materials to open a 10 baht rice packet shop two months ago. The first day, I made 7 things to sell. The second week, gradually. Add rice to 15 things a day, starting to make some profits. take profits gradually Gradually buy things in the shop. until today Cook and sell 27 things a day, doing it alone, from buying raw materials, cooking, setting up a shop, keeping a shop, cleaning equipment.

Ms. Duenphen said that the economy was not very good during this period. Want to share some with others? according to their slogan customers can stay The merchant survives Because there are certain groups of people who need to save money for their families. Some people earn 300 baht a day, eat 2-3 meals a day at their restaurant, or pay 30 baht, leaving 270 baht in savings for their family. Some people have a few tens of baht left in their account. They can come to scan and pay for their rice for 10 baht. The response is very good. Each day there is some profit left, no loss, and those who don’t have it come to eat for free. Every day, he has a regular customer that he eats for free. He is a security guard and many families who are in trouble contact him to get their food to eat for free every day.

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