‘Thavorn’ gave a speech, asking for another 4 years for ‘Aswin’ to work hard physically and mentally. and loyalty

‘Thavorn’ gave a speech, asking for another 4 years for Asawin to point out that the Bangkok floods can be solved with only 9 spots left. and loyalty

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at 6:15 p.m. on May 20, 2022 at the Indoor Stadium Huamark Pol Gen Asawin Kwanmuang, candidate for Bangkok governor number 6 Organized the final big speech under the slogan “Close the job of poverty” with Mr. Thavorn Seniam, former Deputy Interior Minister Democratic Party Mr. Kriengyot Sudlapa, former Deputy Governor of Bangkok, candidate of the Conservative Bangkok Group and thousands of cheerleaders joined

Mr. Kriengyot addressed that Pol Gen Asawin understood the problem and paid attention to solving the problem. especially the problem of COVID-19 which Pol. Gen. Asawin Has allocated the vaccine to distribute to the people and communities, so must choose the right people today, with Dr. Anon Sakworawit, academician from the Faculty of Applied Statistics. National Institute of Development Administration Come and cheer too

while Dr. Seree Wongmontha said “It’s time to choose Unite in one number, don’t be stubborn, make noises.” before ending that “Choose a strategic direction, number 6, don’t choose us, he’ll definitely come.”

side Thaworn Senium, former Deputy Interior Minister of the Democratic Party said that when Pol. Gen. Asawin took the position as Deputy Governor of Bangkok Has been assigned to take care of the Office of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (P.O.P.) and the Office of Municipal Affairs (PorThor.) when the Bangkok governor has done many works, such as adjusting the Ong Ang canal landscape. until clean and beautiful and there is also Phadung Krung Kasem canal Khlong Prem Prachakorn

Mr. Thavorn He continued that the service was done with the heart. But there are many people who say that they let the flooding rain, the water waits to drain. Previously, there were 24 weak spots, repeated flooding. but has been corrected There are only 9 spots left, so I want to ask for 4 years to come in to fix the problem. not only taking care of the people in the merchant city but also taking care of farmers in the outer areas by joining hands with farmers in the area dredging the canal set up the pump

“The work of Police Lieutenant General Aswin devoting body and soul and loyalty The entrusted work, the funeral ceremony (the royal cremation ceremony) and the mental deposit with the heart and respect. coronation ceremony (The coronation ceremony) is an event that we must remember.” Mr. Thavorn say

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