The 10th high-yield ETF for Taiwan stocks was born 00919 The only double-digit dividend rate raised countdown |

The 10th high yield ETF for Taiwanese stocks in the market is about to come out. Qunyi Taiwan Selected High-yield ETF (00919-TW) today announced that the dividend rate of the index it tracks has soared above 12.2%, the only one with a double-digit dividend rate. Taiwan high-yield stock ETFs not only focus on leading targets with large market capitalization and good liquidity, but also make the most of the advantages of high interest rates, so that stockholders can fully participate in the high interest rates. issued by Taiwanese companies that year, is expected to be launched on October 4. Recruitment begins

Chinese people have always loved to deposit shares in ETFs. According to the statistics of the Investment Trust and Investment Advisory Association until the end of August, the stock scale of Taiwan ETFs climbed to a new high, reaching 774.316 billion yuan, and the number of beneficiaries was 3,839,992. The family-favored high-yield Taiwan ETF stock has also increased from 7 files last year to 9 files, and there will be 10 files to join 00919 in the future There is continued buoyancy, especially for Taiwan high-dividend ETF.

00919 adopts quarterly dividends The constituent stocks of the ETF are screened with reference to the latest dividend announcements, rather than historical or high estimated dividends, and further combined with the income leveling fund system, so that dividends are stable and that they are not afraid of being weakened; at the same time, they focus on EPS growth rate, If corporate profit growth can reach a new high, it will be beneficial to the future dividend rate and stock price performance.

Xie Mingzhi, fund manager of Qunyi Taiwan Selected High Yield ETF Fund, said that only by correctly grasping the two principles of “high yield stocks + preemptively use potential high yield stocks next year”, you can achieve “high dividends + high dividends without frequent stock exchanges”. Good performance.” In general, a company’s revenue and profit are stable, and it is relatively easy to fill the interest after paying the dividend. is often favored by the market.

For Taiwan High Dividend ETF, the emphasis is on high dividend rates. Therefore, investors can refer to the historical dividend rates of benchmark indices. The observations include: Taiwan Select High Dividend Index, Taiwan High Dividend Index, MSCI Taiwan ESG Sustainable High Dividend Select 30 Index, Taiwan Weighted Index, and the dividend yield performance of Taiwan’s main stock indices over the years Among them, the dividend yield of Taiwan Select High Dividend Index tracked by 00919 has the best average of 8.6% over the years, much better than Taiwan High Dividend Index 7.1%, MSCI Taiwan ESG High Dividend Sustainability Select 30 Index 5.7%, Taiwan Weighted Index 4.3%. This year, the Taiwan High Dividend Index has a dividend rate of 12.2%, which is much better than other indexes, and is the only high dividend ETF in Taiwan with a double-digit dividend rate.

Xie Mingzhi further explained that before 5/20 every year, all companies listed in Taiwan need to announce the current year’s dividend policy. Since the dividend policy is fully announced, high dividend stocks are more likely to have are favored by funds, and their stock prices are more likely to be raised After the high yield ETF was revised in late May, eligible high yield stocks were included in the ETF in early June.

The difference from other high-yield ETFs has also attracted a lot of attention. Xie Mingzhi said that after all OTC companies listed in Taiwan declare dividends on May 20, Qunyi Taiwan Selected High-yield ETFs will exclude individual stocks which has paid dividends at the end of this period. Other high-yield ETFs for Taiwan stocks may include individual stocks that have already paid dividends to the ETF. 00919 can be seen to be more suitable for investors looking for a long-term investment in Taiwan with dividends and profits.

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