The 14th Provincial Games ends in Yueyang – Focus Map – Huasheng Style

The 14th Provincial Games closed in Yueyang

Qin Guowen announced that the Games will close and the next Provincial Games will be held in Yiyang

At the closing ceremony, the participating delegations displayed the slogan “Yueyang, thank you” to praise the host. Photo by reporter Xu Dianbo
Hunan Daily, September 18 (all media reporters Chen Puzhuang Liu Yongtao Cai Jinyi Xu Dianbo Zhang Xuan) After more than a month of fierce competition, the 14th Hunan Provincial Games closed tonight at the Yueyang Sports Center Gymnasium. Vice Governor Qin Guowen attended the closing ceremony and announced that the Games would close. Ji Xinquan, Deputy Secretary General of the Provincial Government, presided over the closing ceremony.
The current Provincial Games are hosted by the Provincial People’s Government and jointly hosted by the Provincial Sports Bureau and Yueyang Municipal People’s Government. A total of 9,875 athletes registered for the competition, with a total of more than 21,000 taking part.
The current Provincial Games opened on September 8. The Games consist of two groups: a youth group and an adult group. Among them, the youth group has 28 large items and 650 small items; the adult group has 11 major items and 84 minor items. Compared to the previous session, the youth group has added 3 major items such as archery, hip-hop, and rhythmic gymnastics, as well as three-person basketball in basketball, and the number of items is more than the previous session.
The youth group produced a total of 1,440 gold medals (including 596 prize gold medals and 844 competition gold medals), breaking 2 provincial records and 7 provincial youth records; the adult group produced a total of 84 gold medals.
The Changsha, Yueyang and Hengyang delegations won the top three medals in the youth group competition, and the Changsha, Shaoyang and Yueyang delegations won the top three medals in the senior group competition.
At the closing ceremony, Cao Puhua, Secretary of the Yueyang Municipal Party Committee, presented the banner of the Provincial Games to Xiong Ni, Secretary of the Party Leading Group of the Provincial Sports Bureau. The 15th Provincial Games will be held in Yiyang City in 2026.

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