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The 2021-22 Tyrannosaurus Warm-up Match Observation Report (Part 2): Changes come true and continue to happen. -NBA-Basketball

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-Know Before Reading-

Previous article: 2021-22 Tyrannosaurus Warm-up Match Observation Report (Part 1): Young is good!

The following author will continue the part of the previous article and continue to discuss the Tyrannosaurus players who were hot and caught the fans’ eyes during the warm-up match. It is recommended that readers who have not read the previous article can read the previous article first.

『Leave no man down』!

-Key players observation-

Precious Achiuwa It is the player that Tyrannosaurus got through the Lowry Sign And Trade case with the Heat this summer. The 6-foot-8 Nigerian center forward from Memphis University was already one of the targets of the Tyrannosaurus in last year’s draft, but at the time the Heat ranked ahead of the Tyrannosaurus and had a strong penalty area. Demand, so Achiuwa was chosen logically. It can also be seen that the Heat deliberately train him to become a good partner in the penalty zone of star center Bam Adebayo, but unfortunately, after the defeat last season, the Heat can’t wait so much time. On the premise that they can recruit Lowry into the team, Naturally, I can only reluctantly give up love.

In other words, after a season, Tyrannosaurus finally won this man, as the name suggests, a player with “rare” talent.

As a digression, it is said that after the deal, when Achiuwa came to the team to report to the team, he saw the first words of Tyrannosaurus manager Masai Ujiri: “Finally!” Say: “You are mine now!” (Lord of the Rings XD?!),It can only be said that Lang Youqing and the sister are interested, you still have to come to Tyrannosaurus after all!

In his rookie year, Achiuwa played 61 games for the Heat, averaging 5 points, 3.4 rebounds and 0.5 hot pot in an average of 12 minutes per game. It is worth noting that he did not try any outside shots. The Heat is a team that is good at half-time positional battles. In the common tactical items of half-time positional battles such as hand-in-hand screens and empty-handed cuts, the number of executions ranked within the league’s top five in the league last season. In comparison, Tyrannosaurus prefers to play fast-paced transitions, fast breaks and early breaks. In short, the offensive styles of the two teams are quite different. As far as the author’s observation is concerned, compared to the rookie year, the Heat hope to give Achiuwa the role of the standard to make a positive contribution to the team, and then slowly develop his other potential. In Tyrannosaurus,Obviously Achiuwa played more free and unrestrainedIn addition to the above-mentioned differences in the offensive systems of the two teams, the Tyrannosaurus currently has no record pressure is also a factor. This allows Achiuwa to not have too much pressure, just need to show what he can do on the court. What can be done.

In particular, Achiuwa has already played very well in the summer league this year. Compared with the improvement in statistics, what is more surprising is that he has shown many technological evolutions compared to his rookie year. People see Siakam in the past rookie period. In fact, as early as this year’s Olympics, Achiuwa had already seen his dissatisfaction with his skills when he played for the Nigerian national team, and his ambition to be able to reach a higher level. Therefore, for him in the second year of his career. Don’t feel too surprised by the progress.

Came to the warm-up match, facing higher-level opponents, such as Drummond, Embiid, Horford and other star-rated elders, Achiuwa’s performance did not fall short, although his short stature made him a little bit powerless in the back frame singles, but Achiuwa’s strengths are not in low-post offense, but his more flexibility and speed advantages under an open offensive system.(In fact, it is not difficult to understand the technical characteristics of Achiuwa as Siakam at the beginning). It can be seen that once the team speeds up the rhythm, Achiuwa will be able to create trouble for his opponents with his body coordination, soft wrists and flexible legs.

After five games, Achiuwa can have 12.4 points, 8.6 rebounds, 2 steals 0.8 hot pot production value, and he is more courageous to try three-pointers than last year, although the shooting rate is not very good, but from his boldness It seems that the future outside line is definitely one of his skill packages.

The current Achiuwa is very lethal in the fast break. He can grab the rebounds and advance with the ball, use the opponent’s gap to enter the penalty area, and the soft touch of the ball makes him a breeze at the end. Both he and the team’s senior Siakam relied on the inconsistent coordination with the body to allow them to have the sprint speed of the defender and the body of the forward, making it difficult for the opponent to stop him in the fast attack without reducing his speed by the wall.

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