The 2022 Jet Ski World Cup World Series concludes with a grand finale. The Thai army swept 15 world championships.

Thai jet ski army Win a total of 15 world championships after the battle of the Jet Ski World Cup World Series (WGP # 1 World Series 2022) at Jomtien Beach, Pattaya by Supak Settura and Supatat Futrakul 2, the Thai champion lifted the championship cup in the A level class for the Thai national team this year

The World Jet Ski Championships, WGP One, the Jet Ski World Cup and the 2022 World Series season (WGP#1 World Series 2022) at Jomtien Beach, Pattaya between 14-18 December. all the continents of the world. Win the highest prize money in the world Including the search for a World Series champion who collects points from the European, American and Thai fields this season. Which is broadcast live to the world’s main television stations reaching over 1 billion homes.

On the final day of the competition, December 18, Thailand’s national jet ski team continues to win 2 more A-class professional championships. Starting with the Professional Sport GP (PRO SPORT GP) boat model, competing in the last 2 motos to decide the world series champion Supak Setthura, 11-time Thai champion and world champion in Poland this year with Simon Belcher R oy Kingdom United

Supak’s performance is much better in the first 3 motos, getting all the 1st place before the last moto, the Thai champion has not missed the 1st place, collecting 240 full points, winning the 6th world title. Thiraphat Meechai is second with 182 points, while Belcher is third with 173 points. As a result, Supak won another World Series title from a combination of points from 3 fields from 3 continents.

Professional boat model, 1,100 cc., modified engine (PRO RUNABOUT 1100 OPEN) Another world class model in Thailand, with Thai champion Supatat Futrakul leading the way in the championship, collecting full points from 1st place in all 4 motos, also world champion full of 240. Runner-up Book Sermsuwan 207 points, 3rd place Thiraphat Meechai 197 points And the World Series championship belongs to Supatat another cup.

There are also the results of the competition where Thai youth racers have won two world championships, with youth stand up boats aged 8-13, timing Thai children to beat Belgian favourites, Master Intouch Longniyom, making the best time to win the Championship. Runner-up Thanakorn Sermsri, 3rd place Miss Petchchompoo Chumchat and Intouch also won the championship in the youth boat category, aged 8-13, holding another position. Runner-up Chatrakon Rattanyusakul, 3rd place Master Passakorn Pewngam Cause the Thai jet ski army to close this tournament by winning a total of 15 world championships.

The best version of the world in class A, other models, professional stand-up boats, Grand Prix (PRO SKI GRAND PRIX) or the fastest stand-up boats in the world. Including world famous stars to win the championship, World Cup and World Series. The results show that after moto 3, Quinten van den Bosch, the best Belgian racer, turned the situation around and took the lead going into the 1st moto 3 with 159 points . Two World Series championship contenders, Kevin Reiterer and Raphael Morin, followed with 145 and 144 points respectively.

so he came to compete in the last moto as Morin came 1st Followed by Van den Bosch and Reiterer. Total points 4 Moto Bosch wins the World Cup 212 points Second place Morin 204 points and Ryterer 3rd place 193 points As a result, Morin won the World Series this season.

PRO RUNABOUT GP (PRO RUNABOUT GP), the fastest and most powerful jet ski in the world. France’s Jeremy Perez is challenging for the World Series title with compatriot François Medori and Kuwaiti rider Mohammad Albaz and Yousef Al Abdulrazak.

The last 2 motos were for Kuwait riders.Moto 2 Muhammad Berbaya came 1st. Mohammad Albas finished 2nd and Jeremy Perez finished 3rd and In the final moto, everyone rushed into each other at full speed, Albaz’s boat chasing past the opponent in 1st place. Berbaya followed in second and Thai Champion Permphon Thiraphatphanich came in 3rd place

Total points 3 Moto Albaz won 166 World Cup points Runner-up Berbaya 161 points, 3rd place, Perez 126 points and adding Thai people to 5th place But the World Series champions go to Jeremy Perez of France, who has stocked up on good points from the first two rounds.

Endurance long distance boat model (PRO-AM ENDURANCE OPEN) Jean Pastireno from France, value for money, the favorite to win the world championship in 1st place in both motos. aIt gave Pastireno the World Series title.because he won the championship in Poland, the United States and Thailand

While the accident died Mr. Kim Sung Won from South Korea during the first moto of this model on December 17, the racing team, fellow racers and the staff of the South Korean Embassy who coordinated this issue They have a good understanding of motor sports. So don’t be impressed And the South Korean racing team also showed the spirit by bringing a picture of Mr Kim Sung Won on a boat driven by his brother. Compete in Moto 2 of the above model. in order to compete to finish the race as intended

stunt jet ski model Pro Freestyle World Champion and World Series also belongs to Japan’s Tengja Taichi Yamamoto.

As for competition in jet surfing, the Jetsurf Championships The Sriphongpao family won the W GP One World Cup in both generations. with Khun Chatpong Sripongpao winning the championship in the professional category Pro Jet surf Extreme Race and Kittiphop Sripongpao winning the amateur category Novice Jet surf Extreme Race

Thai motorsport fans and jet ski fans Be able to follow the news and action of domestic competitions and world-class competitions through including the road The World Jet Ski Series Facebook page

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