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Announcing the 2022 World Internet Conference Blue Book “Data Supply Chain White Paper (2022)” released

Zhejiang DailyWuzhen, November 9th (Reporter Wang Yuhong) On the afternoon of the 9th, the 2022 World Internet Conference Blue Book press conference was held, and the blue books “China Internet Development Report 2022” and “World Internet Development Report 2022” were released on the van. As an important theoretical and practical research result of the World Internet Conference, the Blue Book has been released globally for six consecutive years since 2017.

“China’s Internet Development Report 2022” focuses on the progress and new achievements of China’s Internet development in the past year, mainly including “the completion of the world’s leading integrated data center plan in the construction of information infrastructure”, “the empowerment of the digital economy highlights the acceleration of the data element market” Grow” “Efficiency of digital public service improves social governance and develops in the direction of intelligence” and so on. The report assessed the development of Internet in 31 states, autonomous regions and municipalities.

Based on a global perspective, the “World Internet Development Report 2022” makes the best of the World Internet Development Index indicator system. From the six dimensions of infrastructure, innovation capability, industrial development, Internet application, network security and Internet governance, it is representative of the five continents, 48 ​​countries and territories were analyzed. This year’s top ten countries are reported to be the United States, China, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Canada, Finland, and Denmark.

In the blue paper released on the same day, it summarizes and summarizes how China can actively adapt to the situation changes in the new development stage, take advantage of digital development opportunities, and a series of new progress and achievements in China’s Internet development. For example, my country’s system promotes the construction and development of 5G, gigabit optical network, the construction of data centers and traditional infrastructure, and comprehensively uses computer power infrastructure and other fields to accelerate the development.

In response to data security and personal information protection and other issues that are currently the subject of public attention, the Blue Book system has resolved laws and regulations on network security, particularly data security and personal information protection. At the same time, it shows the work and achievements my country has made in the field of data security and personal information protection.

Other news (Reporter Wang Yuhong, Reporter Tian Yuchen) On the afternoon of November 9, the “Data Supply Chain White Paper (2022)” and the results of digital economy practice were released.

It is reported that the “Data Supply Chain” project was initiated by the China Digital Research Institute of the State Information Center, which jointly established a “Data Supply Chain” joint research group with digital economy and big data management departments across the country, Digital Dream Workshop and other units to form a step-by-step study of Achievements, and carry out practical inspections throughout the country. Between 2019 and 2021, the joint research group has released white papers on research and practical results for three consecutive years.

This year, the topic “Data Supply Chain” entered the industrial field from the government and municipal fields, and conducted research on the topic “Data Supply Chain Empowering Digital Economy” with relevant units. “Industrial data supply chain refers to the establishment of unified industry data standards, unified industry data quality control, and unified industry data security protection, with the digital economy authorities as the main body, around industry data, to promote diverse integration. data industrial by government and enterprises both A functional network chain structure that integrates and exchanges fully in an orderly manner, and manages the full life cycle of industrial data.” Nian Canhua, director of the Data Running Laboratory of China Digital Research Institute and director of Digital Dream Factory Research Institute, introduced that the industrial data supply chain can provide The construction of provincial and municipal industrial data warehouses, industry industrial data warehouses, and enterprise data warehouses provide data channels integrated, providing theoretical and practical references for the development of a digital economy in different regions.

Source: Zhejiang Daily Author: reporter Wang Yuhong reporter Tian Yuchen Editor: Zheng Haiyun

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