The 2022 World Cup Program for 22 November 2022, Siam Rath

The FIFA World Cup 2022 (FIFA World Cup 2022) has started in Qatar and 32 teams have qualified for the quarter finals. in order to compete in this competition And there will only be one to win the championship today. Siamrath Online has included information about the date and time of the World Cup 2022 group stage, which is the first match on November 22, 2022, which team has come down. let’s follow If you love any team, cheer any team, check out the match schedule along with live broadcast channels.

World Cup 2022, football program for 22 November 2022

Group stage – first game

Argentina meets Saudi Arabia at 5:00 pm Broadcast channel True4u (24), True Sports2

Denmark meets Tunisia at 8:00 pm, broadcast channel True4u (24), True Sports2

Mexico meets Poland at 11:00 pm on Channel 3 HD (33), True Sport2

France meets Australia at 2:00 am on the broadcast channel MONO29, True Sports2.

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