The 24-year-old who took over Manchester United! The match that shook up to the real Ferguson

The 24-year-old who took over Manchester United! The match that shook up to the real Ferguson

The 2011 UEFA Champions League final will not be forgotten by any Messi fan. But Messi fans will not be the only ones to forget that match, and former Manchester United manager Alexis Ferguson said that match would still be a nightmare today.

The 2011 UCL final was between Premier League club Manchester United and La Liga club Barcelona. Both teams advanced to the semi-finals.

United came to avenge the 2009 UCL Final. Barcelona went down to prove that we were the best team in Europe at the time.

The match was a battle between the two best teams and the best coaches in the world. The final was a close contest between United’s legendary manager Alexis Ferguson and Barcelona’s all-time great tactician Pep Guardiola.

The result was a disappointment for Manchester fans who thronged the historic Wembley Stadium. The same Barcelona and Messi who defeated United in 2009 were tearing the English army apart.

Messi’s iconic header and Eto’o’s goal in the 2009 final gave Barcelona the victory. Instead, Ferguson and his allies set out to win the title. But once again Messi became the villain of United.

Barcelona won 3-1. Pedro scored the first goal for Barcelona in the 27th minute. Seven minutes later, Wayne Rooney shook the net for United.

Wembley Stadium later witnessed the demolition of a 24-year-old man. The United players were staring at Messi’s performance. Messi also scored Barcelona’s second goal.

Messi scored a long-range goal for United’s defense and goalkeeper. Football fans will never forget Messi’s celebration after scoring a goal.

Then, in the final minutes of the match, Messi nailed United’s dreams with an assist from David Villa, circling the United defense.

Mess was three steps ahead of any of Manchester United’s players. That one performance alone is enough to prove why Messi is the best.

The camera moved to United’s manager in the final minutes of the match. The hands of one of the best managers in the world, Ferguson, were shaking. United entered the final for the third time in a row. But they lost two to Barcelona. It was Lionel Messi who shook Ferguson in both of these matches.

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