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Original title: “The 28th Law of Love” hits the audience to think about their attitude towards life

Zhonggong.com (Worker’s Daily – Zhonggong.com reporter Su Mo) The emotional urban drama “The 28th Law of Love” is currently being broadcast on Tencent Video. Produced by Teng Huatao and directed by Lin Yan, the drama mainly tells the story of two “married” people who accidentally fall in love and lead a happy life together.

Faced with important life issues such as life, work, and family, the two main characters Qin Shi (played by Yang Mi) and Yang Hua (played by Xu Kai) have their own perseverance and choices. Based on the keen insight into the pain points of contemporary urban life, the series puts contemporary hot topics such as workplace survival and native family in front of the audience. Faced with different aspects of life, each choice represents a different attitude that young people have, and the characters heal each other in the name of love and grow together.

In addition to romantic urban love, the series also puts the difficulties and interpersonal problems faced by middle-aged women in the workplace into the story, and the multi-line interweaving presents the struggle of women in the workplace . Under the warm and wholesome core of the story, there are more social issues with contemporary characteristics, which also make people have more expectations for the development of the series, and under the extension of the plot, it arouses the public’s detailed thinking about status quo of urban life. The series hopes that by telling their love, the audience can understand that true love not only requires breaking through shackles of all kinds, but also requires self-reconciliation, and then runs towards a better future.

In the name of love, but not limited to love. The insight and presentation of the pain points of contemporary urban life in “The 28th Law of Love” not only makes the sweetness of this candy last longer, but also gives a positive value to the public when thinking about the status quo of life .

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