The 2D stealth adventure game “The Library of Babel” came out in early April to solve the blocked puzzle “The Library of Babel”

The independent game team Tanuki Game Studio and publisher Neon Doctrine released a promotional video for the new adventure work “The Library of Babel” earlier, announcing that the game will be available on April 7.

“The Library of Babel” is a side-scrolling 2D stealth adventure game. Players will explore the futuristic jungle of Babylon together, uncover the mystery of Babel’s stifling library, and walk into the secrets hidden by the mysterious creator. The development team said that this work presents a mysterious and philosophical science fiction story, inspired by the short story of the author Jorge Luis Borjes of the same name and “Apocalypse Now”.

The game will lead players to the world 20,000 years after the extinction of humans. In this world, advanced robots control everything, but little do they know about the affairs of the “mysterious creator”. Everything is in order here, until the robots discover a library where all the books about the past, present and future are kept, which also foretells the upheaval to come.

In the game, the player takes on the role of Ludovik, who is sent to Babylon to investigate a murder. Without warning, Babylon declares a state of emergency and Ludovik finds himself in danger. Based on the clues left by the killer, he will explore the secret of the sudden siege of the Library of Babel.

According to the official statement, in the world of “Babel’s Library”, players can see the vast jungle, temple ruins and interact with many robot inhabitants presented in 2D hand-painted. You will experience a dangerous, fascinating adventure, use your wits and agility to sneak to avoid deadly obstacles and dangerous enemies, and experience the adventure games of the 90s through the retro dialogue system and backpack.

It is expected to PC, Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S, PS4 / PS5, the new Nintendo Switch work “The Library of Babel” will be released on April 7.


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