The 2nd floor villa in Doksan-dong, Seoul is tilted… Emergency evacuation of residents


This is news from a while ago. It is said that a villa in Doksan-dong, Seoul tilted and residents were evacuated. We will connect reporters who are on-site directly.

Reporter Yeo Do-hyun, please tell me.


Today (24th) around 5:40 pm, a firefighting report was received saying that the villa behind me is likely to collapse.

Right now, there is a fire control line around the villa like this.

Thirteen residents of this villa have been evacuated to nearby accommodation.

Fortunately, it has been confirmed that there are no casualties, but 21 residents of the nearby villas have also been evacuated in case of any unforeseen danger.

At the site, KEPCO is shutting off electricity as a safety measure and preparing to control the entire road at the foot of a nearby mountain.

Here, the fire department, the police, and the ward office have formed a task force to inspect the scene.

Currently, the second floor veranda is tilted and the whole building is in danger of collapsing, and we are discussing to demolish only the veranda first tonight.

A detailed safety check will be done tomorrow morning.

After this safety check, it will be decided whether or not to demolish the entire building.

The villa is where the first move-in began in 1991, 31 years ago, and it was identified that about 6 households live in a building with one basement and two floors above the ground.



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