The 2nd free update for the Nintendo Switch “Mario Strikers Battle League” was released today. | NOVA Information Plaza

The Marios challenged “Fighting Skills” x “Football” in “Mario Strike Forward Battle League”, a new competitive sport of “Ballball” with no rules.Free Update Part 2 (Fer 1.2.0)it will betodaydischarge.

Watch the video first.

New characters will join the battle


Pauline is a physical character with agile movements and powerful collisions across the court. The highly explosive ball used is the “swing note”.

Didi Gang

Didi Gang dominate the midfield with fiery skills and non-stop passing. The high-explosive ball used is “Barrel Burst”.

Brand new tools “Barrel Tools”

※ The screen when the game language is set to Japanese

This update is scheduled to add a “barrel tool” that looks like a wooden barrel. With the gear on, parameters like shooting and passing go up, while other parameters go down comparatively. Can create an attack-oriented team.

brand new stadium “Asteroid”

In addition, an “Asteroid” space-themed stadium will be added. Not only for battles, but also as a club stadium. Please come and see!

Other updates

In addition to the content described above, various functions are scheduled to be added.

in new features“List On”based on free online games, open games in forward clubs and season gamesthe player’s personal ranking list will be displayed.Not only clubs, but individuals too, aim for high positions.

※ Online play requires an internet connection and “Nintendo Switch Online” (paid). (Taiwan start date to be determined)

In addition, you can customize the “supporter” when ordering in the striker club. Change the instrument they have and play music to support them during the competition. At the end of the goal and the match, you can see the “stadium show” with fireworks and paper flying. This is not the club setting, but the player’s personal setting, choose the performance you like.

How do you feel?

Next, “Mario Strikers Battle League” is scheduled to release the third free update in 2022. Pay attention to the following report for details.

Source: Nintendo Switch

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