The 3rd generation president of the Hanjin family, Cho Hyun-min, rises to become executive director

Cho Hyun-min, the 3rd generation of the Hanjin Group family, will be appointed as an inside director. It has been three years since I joined Hanjin in 2020 as a general marketing executive (executive director).

Hanjin held a board of directors meeting on the 8th and announced that it had decided on the agenda to appoint a new President Cho as an inside director at the regular shareholders meeting to be held on the 23rd.

Regarding the background of the appointment, Hanjin explained, “President Cho Hyun-min, together with President Roh Sam-seok, focused on domestic and foreign logistics infrastructure and automation investment, promoting overseas base expansion and expanding profit sources, and led yy a record performance last year despite the difficult economic environment.”

Whether or not President Cho joined the board of directors drew attention every year at the shareholders’ meeting. In particular, this year, the possibility of being appointed has been further increased by buying treasury stocks on four occasions. At the time, Hanjin explained that President Cho’s purchase of treasury stock was aimed at strengthening responsible management and improving shareholder value.

President Cho previously resigned from all positions at Hanjin Group, as executive director of Korean Air and vice president of Jin Air, after an internal incident came to light in 2018. After returning to the holding company, Hanjin KAL , in September 2019, joined Hanjin in September 2020. He was promoted to president early last year.

Hanjin explained, “CEO Hyun-min Cho will take the lead in realizing responsible management by participating as a member of the board of directors to realize Vision 2025, which will become Asia’s leading logistics solution company by 2025, which marking 80 years since its establishment. set up.”

Reporter Min Kyung-hagi