The 3rd Yangtze River Delta Cultural Fair will be held in November, the number of exhibitors exceeds 1,000


Original title: The 3rd Yangtze River Delta Cultural Fair will be held in November, with more than 1,000 exhibitors

This afternoon, a reporter from the Morning News learned from a press conference held by the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, and Shanghai that the Third Yangtze River Delta International CultureindustryThe Expo will be held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center from November 19 to 22, 2020.

This year’s Yangtze River Delta Cultural Expo will highlight “internationalization,marketProfessionalization,BrandThe concept of holding the exhibition is based on “transaction priority,quality“Excellent and high-quality service” are the characteristics of the exhibition. Its main contents include exhibitions, forums, announcements and trading activities; the total exhibition area is maintained at 54,000 square meters, and the number of exhibitors is currently determined to exceed 1,000.

The Yangtze River Delta Cultural Expo will also host keynote forums and various colorful theme forums, feature releases, economic and trade docking, live broadcast of goods and other activities. The overall scale and quality have been improved compared with the previous one.

At the same time, this year’s Yangtze River Delta Cultural Expo will put epidemic prevention and control first, and implement various measures for epidemic prevention and control from ticketing, access control, and contingency plans.

4 integrated sections + 2 special thematic exhibition areas, the number of exhibitors rises instead of falling

According to relevant documents, this year’s Yangtze River Delta ICIF has formulated a series of strict epidemic prevention and control measures.

It is reported that the exhibition has worked with venues, district health committees, public security and other units to formulate epidemic prevention plans to implement on-site epidemic prevention and controljobs, Take measures such as on-site disinfection, preparation of epidemic prevention materials and deployment of epidemic prevention personnel.

At the same time, the Yangtze River Delta Cultural Fair willGuaranteeEach visitor has an area of ​​2 square meters for visiting activities, reasonable planning of booth layout, functional area setting, and reasonable flow of peopleMoving lineAnd flow in and out control plan.

The exhibition will also implement real-name badges and real-name entry. All exhibitors must make appointments to apply for badges, strengthen entrance security checks, and ensure “one identity card”. Visitors must show their health codes, wear masks, and measure body temperature when entering the venue.The station guards of temporary medical points will also be arranged, and preventive measures will be strengthened.publicPrompt the exhibition anti-epidemic instructions and strengthen guidance.

Under strict epidemic prevention, the exhibition content of this year’s Yangtze River Delta Cultural Expo includes four integrated sections and two special thematic exhibition areas, including comprehensive development sections, overseas elite sections, and digitalCreativitySectors, cultural technology sector, cultural and creative life thematic exhibition area and authorized transaction thematic exhibition area. The number of exhibitors has risen instead of falling, and has now exceeded 1,000.Year-on-yearAn increase of more than 10%.

“Innovation-driven, scale advantage” is highlighted in the comprehensive development section, and a group of cultural industry leaders are gatheredenterprise, Including Tencent, Reading,Bilibilia perfect worldLeading enterprises in various fields and backbones of newspapers, publishing, broadcasting, film and television, distribution, and performing arts in three provinces and one cityState-owned enterprise

In the cultural technology sector and the digital creative sector, the “technology empowerment, cultural innovation wave” is highlighted, and key enterprises in the fields of digital content, e-sports games, new audio-visual, etc. are gathered, including Lingshi E-sports Center,Giant Network, Mihayou, Shengqu, Xiaowo Technology, Himalaya, Dragonfly FM, Fandengshu, Fengyuzhu, Haobai Information, etc., show the characteristics of the new generation of cultural enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta.

In the special exhibition area for authorized transactions, theBusiness“Unlimited”, nearly 50 museums in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui have formed a large-scale lineup of cultural and museum creative development and licensing transactions.

In the cultural and creative life thematic exhibition area, the theme of festivals and gifts was highlighted, 85 festival cultural exhibitors were gathered, and more than 30 handicrafts were carefully selected for on-site display, forming a creative bazaar that “played the vitality of cultural and creative activities and promoted consumption upgrade” .

Seven regions including Yunnan form “Exhibition in Exhibition”, which promotes transactions in various forms such as live broadcast and delivery

This year’s Yangtze River Delta Cultural and Cultural Expo will strengthen the interaction with the national cultural industry.Last year, Yunnan Province organized a delegation for the first time to participate in the exhibition.productThe site was sold out, and more than 20 million orders were received later. This year Yunnan will continue to participate in the exhibition and will expand the booth area.

On the basis of the previous session, the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department cooperated with the Office of the Shanghai Leading Group for Cooperation and Exchange to invite Kashgar, Xinjiang, Xigaze, Tibet, Guoluo Prefecture, Qinghai, Zunyi, Guizhou, and Wanzhou, Chongqing. District, Yiling District of Yichang City, Hubei Province, and Yunnan Province to participate inIndustrial DevelopmentThe situation took the form of “Exhibition in Exhibition” such as “Shanghai counterpart support regional cultural tourism product expo”, which was unveiled at the third Yangtze River Delta Cultural Expo as a whole, demonstrating the determination and practice of propaganda and culture to help win the battle against poverty.

In order to enhance the sense of gain of exhibitors, letIndustrial resourcesWith cooperation and information exchange and sharing, this exhibition will also highlight the characteristics of “transaction priority, high quality, high service quality” and comprehensively improve the level of transaction services.

Four major forms of transaction services will be launched at the exhibition: special conferences, economic and trade matchmaking activities, live delivery activities and targeted communication. Through diversified docking, precise services will be highlighted.

In terms of thematic conferences, highlight “key projects, major platforms, and important plans”. For example, Shanghai Expo will hold the “Shanghai Expo & New York Metropolitan Museum of Art Cooperation Project” conference, and the Swiss Pavilion Creative Design Line of the Swiss Creative Center will also be held. The press conference, the online press conference of Korean characteristic culture at the Korean Cultural Center in Shanghai, etc.

In terms of economic and trade docking activities, three economic and trade docking areas have been set up to organize e-sports companies and sponsors,China old name NumberMore than 20 matchmaking conferences including IP cross-border operations, highlighting supply and demand docking, cross-border linkage andIndustry chaincooperation.

In terms of live delivery of goods, the Yangtze River Delta ICIF will cooperate with Douyin, Thoughtful, Meituan, Xiaohongshu, etc., to build live broadcast rooms and provide live broadcasts for exhibiting companies in the form of “star special + daily carousel”.

In terms of targeted publicity, for key exhibitors and cooperative units, promote high-quality projects and excellent products in the cultural industryall mediaPublicity and promotion, follow-up news clues will be pushed to the mass media in time.

Obtained the most important UFI certification in the international exhibition industry, online and offlineinteractiveCombine

The vitality of the exhibition lies in the brand. The Yangtze River Delta Cultural Fair will standardize the highest standards of the international exhibition industry and continue to improve the internationalization ratio and international level of exhibitors, professional visitors, software and hardware facilities, main content, and exhibition quality.

After a rigorous review by the International Exhibition Alliance, the Yangtze River Delta Cultural Fair received the most important UFI certification in the world exhibition industry in September this year, becoming the brand exhibition with the highest international exhibition qualifications.

The current global epidemic situation is still severe, so this exhibition will realize an innovative model combining online and offline in exhibitions, forums, releases, transactions and other links.

For example, for cultural and creative enterprises and artists from more than 20 countries, including the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and South Korea, who cannot participate in cross-border exhibitions due to the epidemic, an “Overseas Cloud Interaction Space” is specially set up, using “remote connection + cloud publishing +proxyNew models such as “transactions” provide conditions for direct communication between supply and demand parties.

In response to the needs of a large number of professional audiences and cultural and art enthusiasts at home and abroad who want to participate in the Yangtze River Delta Cultural Expo, the Yangtze River Delta Cultural Expo will be influenced by online and offline interactive forms in the main forums, theme forums, and key press conferences. To gain wider spread.

For exhibiting companies, 6 live-broadcasting routes were also set up on site, combining the development of “online new economy” and the promotion of “new infrastructure” and other themes to strengthen online communication and offline communication.

(Article source: Thoughtful Shanghai)

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