The 4 men who became popular in the summer because of the drama, Chen Xiao, Wu Lei, Wang Hedi, and Zhang Han, are on the list jqknews

  China Entertainment Network News On 22 September, an entry called “4 men who became popular because of the drama in the summer” rushed to the hot search. Netizens discussed the 4 main male characters who became popular this summer due to the popularity of the drama. They are Chen Xiao, Wu Lei, Wang Hedi, Zhang Han. (Arranged in order of broadcast)

Chen Xiao managed to become popular with Gu Qianfan in “Meng Hualu”, and Wu Zhenfeng’s play in the recently aired “Frozen Rain” is also impressive. Today, his partner Chen Jianbin stars in the criminal investigation drama “Thirteen Years of Dust”. Welcome to the boot, this is to carry the fire to the end.

Wu Lei attracted a large number of fans this summer with his performances in “Bright Stars” and “Moon Rising to the Sea”, and also let people see that Xiao Feiliu, who was once “Langya Bang”, has grown up to be Ling who Undoubtedly, this makes fans who have always been optimistic about Wu Lei proud. Wu Lei’s partner Zhou Yutong’s sister and brother love movie “Just Love” has also been released, and it is expected that there will be an opportunity to meet the audience this year.

Wang Hedi quickly became popular by virtue of his portrayal of Dongfang Qingcang in “Canglan Jue” Among the four people on the list, he can be considered very popular. His partner Chen Yuqi who stars in the costume drama “Fu Tu Yuan” is also expected to air within this year, which has recently made obsessed fans look forward to him.

As for the fourth place on the list, Zhang Han who plays Tong Yu in “Gentlemen of the East Eighth District” After the drama aired, he was ridiculed by many netizens. Zhang Han managed to squeeze Huang Xiaoming out and became successful. new black red star.

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