The 49 Michigan schools with vaccine waiver rates of 30 percent or more

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Michigan has 49 schools, where at least 30% of the students who requested immunization records in 2017 have turned into a waiver instead.

These schools are particularly at risk of outbreak of infectious diseases, such as sulcan, haired girl and chicken, health officials say.

Hundreds of Michigan schools have more than 10% vaccine waiver rates.

Michigan requires immunization of school children to 14 infectious diseases, but one of the 19 states that allows the children to choose if their parents have a "philosophical" opposition to the vaccination.

Of the 49 schools with the highest waiver rates, there are 36 private schools and are through chartered schools.

Of the 10 public school areas being operated, there is no traditional public school building: It is through a program specifically aimed at home students, there are two single-home rural houses and five virtual schools or community / school schools alternative.

Below are the 49 schools below, based on the percentage of waivers among the immunized products requested. State law requires schools to look at the immunization for students entering rangergarten and seventh grade as well as children who transfer to a new school system.

The numbers are Caveats: In many cases, these are small schools with little record numbers. Moreover, the state did not report data for a category if less than five records were requested.

Search vaccine waiver rates for any Michigan school or day care

The ranking below starts with the schools with the highest waiver rates in the state.

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