The 5th corpse in a month! Sadly, the young man went out to pick flowers to sweep. maddened by wild elephants stomp on the roof

The 5th corpse in a month! Sadly, the young man went out to collect flowers in Chanthaburi. maddened by wild elephants stomp on the roof Revealed since the beginning of the year, 8 dead, 1 injured, 1 house destroyed

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On November 27, 21, Pol. Lt. Col. Kritsakorn Kamolpop, deputy senator (investigation), Kaeng Hang Maeo Police Station, Chanthaburi Province, was notified by Sawang Katanyudhammasathan Association Radio Rescue Center, Chanthaburi that After a villager was attacked and killed by a wild elephant in the construction area of ​​Khlong Hang Maeo Reservoir, Khun Song Subdistrict, Kaeng Hang Maeo District, Chanthaburi Province, they rushed to investigate with the police investigative team. military officer Special Operations Squad 613, administrative staff and rescue personnel

The scene of the accident was overgrown. Officers had to walk about 300 meters to find the body of Mr. Norawit Chaidam, 54 years old, died in the grass forest. The corpse was stomped on the head by an elephant using its feet. and along the body of many clothes
Torn torn, shoulder bag, water bottle splashed beside the corpse. Later, the rescuers has hurriedly moved the body from the scene Because the two wild elephants that attacked Mr. Norawit were still walking nearby. and also went straight to the point where officers were investigating the scene

From the investigation, Mr. Boonmee Sukprasert, 61, a relative of the deceased and present at the incident, testified that before the accident he was along with the deceased. Which is a cousin and 2 friends, a total of 4 people travel from Chonburi province to collect reed flowers and free flowers. Which depends a lot in Khlong Hang Maeo Reservoir To bring back to make a broom to sell.

Upon arrival, they dispersed to collect. He walked about 10 meters away from the deceased and his friends while he was collecting flowers. heard the deceased cry loudly along with the sound of elephants chasing after the forest Therefore, along with his friends, they ran back to the dam ridge. But found that only 3 people came back and the deceased did not follow back. Then he hurriedly called to find him. But no one answered the phone so he wasn’t sure if he had fainted. or being attacked by wild elephants Before riding in a car to ask for help from the staff on the dam. When he returned to find him, he found that Mr. Norawit had been attacked by a wild elephant and died.

At the same time, according to a report from the Office of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, Chanthaburi Province reported information about the problem of wild elephants in the area. It was found that within the month of November 64, a single person was killed by a wild elephant. including Channel 7 reporters and the latest villagers increased to
5th body. Statistics from the beginning of 2021 until November 12, there are people who were hit by wild elephants. Attacked to death, 8 people, 1 injured, 1 house collapsed, excluding damaged crops.

While the province. Chanthaburi has issued an announcement alerting the people. In high-risk areas, maximize caution. When you see a wild elephant, don’t approach it because it’s the mating season. Elephants are at high risk of falling into them, and promptly notify the hotline 1362 to the relevant authorities. will be inspected and assisted Pushing the wild elephants in a timely manner


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