The 5th “Gran Saga Channel” official program of “Gran Saga” will be broadcast on April 27 (Wednesday) at 20:00! | Appliv Games


In “Gran Saga”, the special program “Golden Week Just Before Great Thanksgiving Special Program” will be distributed on the official YouTube channel from 20:00 on April 27 (Wednesday). Voice actor “Yukana” will appear as a special guest, and information on the next major update will be announced.

Kui’s special costume “Fairy Tale Girl’s Clothes”, which is a different color of the Dezagra Grand Prize, is now available!

[From the release below]

NPIXEL Co., Ltd. will broadcast the official program “Gran Saga Channel” on the official YouTube channel of “Gran Saga” (operated by GAMEPLEX Co., Ltd.), a royal road RPG compatible with cross-platform (April 27). Wed) We will inform you that it has been decided at 20:00.

The 5th “Gran Saga” official program “Gran Saga Channel” will be distributed!

“Grand Saga” official program “Gran Saga Channel” special program just before Golden Week, “Golden Week Just Before Great Thanksgiving Special Program” will be delivered from 20:00 on April 27 (Wednesday). It was decided to do it!

In this 5th delivery, we will deliver not only information on the next major update but also information on upcoming events such as Golden Week!

Hiroki Yasumoto who played Win, Shinnosuke Tachibana who played Sylvano of Grand Weapon as a guest, and Yukana as a special guest will appear on the MC of the program.

Also, at the end of the program, there will be information on luxurious gifts, so don’t miss it!

Release schedule

Scheduled to start at 20:00 on Wednesday, April 27, 2022

* The start time of the program may be slightly different. Please note.

Delivery platform

YouTube Live、Twitter Live

Many events are being held from the update on April 21st!

From the big update on April 21st, we are holding a lot of limited-time events including the release of Chapter 9 which is a new chapter!

Even if you haven’t played “Gran Saga” yet, please try it!

For details and period of each event, please check the information page on the “Gran Saga” official website.

[Gran Saga]Chapter 9 War of Fate Special MV

A new difficulty level has been added to the “Abyss Corridor” where you can get the growth material of Gran Weapon!

Introducing different color costumes for the best work of Kui’s design contest!

Kui and Mumu’s Grand Dice 2 event is being held! Join the event and get various rewards!

What is “Gran Saga”?

“Gran Saga” is a cross-platform original game work drawn with the highest quality.

Based on the royal road RPG, in order to make it a game loved all over the world, high quality 3D graphics by Unreal Engine 4, full voice story by super gorgeous voice actors such as Yuki Kaji and Akihiro Hiroto, in-game BGM, etc. Yuki Shimomura is responsible for all music production, Yoshitaka Amano is responsible for the illustrations and logo design, and RADWIMPS has completely written the theme song “MAKAFUKA” for “Grand Saga”.

In addition to that, the original animation by Genki Kawamura, Nobuaki Kaneko as the official ambassador of “Grand Saga”, and the TV commercials with high story content focusing on “friends” by actors Shun Oguri and Nobuaki Kaneko. We are delivering.

In addition, from Friday, November 26, 2021, the beta version of the “Gran Saga” PC emulator will be available.

Game information

  • Title: “Gran Saga”
  • Genre: Soul-filled RPG
  • Development: NPIXEL Co., Ltd.
  • Operation: GAMEPLEX Co., Ltd.
  • Platform: iOS / Android / PC
  • Price: Basic free (some charges apply)

(C) 2022 NPIXEL Co., Ltd. & Gameplex Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.


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