The 68th Memorial Day Ceremony… Honoring the Noble Sacrifice for Korea

▲Kim Tae-heum, governor of South Chungcheong Province, lays a wreath at the memorial ceremony held at Chungnam Veterans Park on the occasion of the 68th Memorial Day ⓒChungnam Province

On the 6th, Chungcheongnam-do held a memorial ceremony to commemorate the 68th Memorial Day, honoring the noble spirit of the martyrdoms and heroes who sacrificed themselves for the country.

The ceremony held at Chungnam Veterans Park was attended by about 500 people, including Governor Kim Tae-heum, Provincial Chairman Cho Gil-yeon, veterans’ organizations and veterans’ families.

At 10:00 a.m. on the day, sirens were blown in silence for one minute, and 21 rifles were fired at 10 o’clock sharp.

At this meeting, Governor Kim said, “The proud legacy of patriotism has become the power to raise up the Republic of Korea, a country of liberal democracy and market economy amidst the ruins of war.” We will lead the country,” he stressed.

Governor Kim continued, emphasizing the highest respect for national merit and bereaved families, saying, “It is also important to spread a veterans culture that respects and remembers those who have dedicated themselves to the country.” We will remember patriotism in everyday life and raise the pride of veterans’ families by promoting the erection of statues of independence activists and extensive maintenance of Chungnam Veterans Hall and Veterans Park.”

▲Boryeong Mayor Kim Dong-il giving a speech at the 68th Memorial Day ceremony held at Hyeonchungtap in Gungchon-dong ⓒPresian (Lee Sang-won)

A memorial service was held at Hyeonchungtap in Gungchon-dong, Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do.

About 300 people attended the memorial ceremony, including mayor Kim Dong-il, heads of veterans’ organizations and institutions, and citizens.

Park Gap-yong, chairman of the Korean War Memorial, prayed for the souls of the fallen soldiers who defended a free Korea, and commemorated the noble patriotic spirit and feats of the fallen soldiers.

Mayor Dong-il Kim said in his memorial address that day, “The patriotic martyrs laid the foundation for Korea and our Boryeong with their bare hands, so we can now open up a brilliant future for Boryeong.” As we enjoy freedom, peace, democracy and prosperity, it is our duty and duty to honor their will and spirit and take care of their families.”

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