The “90s Pop Tour” brings the Spanish group “Locomía” back to Mexico

The iconic Spanish group “Locomía” joins the musical concept “90s Pop Tour” to start a new stage of the show created by Ari Borovoy.

Mexico City, March 22 (However).- This Saturday the musical concept created by Ari Borovoy “90s Pop Tour” will start a new stage in the Arena Mexico City After more than five successful years in both Mexico like in USA.

In this new stage, groups that have already become representative figures of the show such as JNS and Kabah are maintained; Magneto, Sentidos Opuestos and Lynda will also continue to be part of this show that has managed to revive the greatest pop hits in Spanish of the nineties.

As a novelty, the “90s Pop Tour” will feature the return of the singer Litzy and the Argentine group The Sacados, who are pioneers of this concept but left it to fulfill personal commitments; in addition to the special presentation of Moenia that has already been on some dates before.

This week the Spanish group “Locomía” joined the “time machine”, which arrives as the new international artist on the tour, a place that has been occupied by great personalities such as Ana Torroja, until now it is unknown if it will only be a special presentation or if he will join the cast.

In addition to Mexico City, the “90s Pop Tour” has already confirmed its presentation on July 29 at the Victoria Stadium in Aguascalientes and on October 13 at the Arena Monterrey so that the public in the north of the country can get to know this renewed show. .


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