The administrator of the page explains the gift of Nong Bas Accountability for not giving sad details until sleep

From the case of Mr. Krisada Loetdee or Attorney Nobi, the lawyer led Mr. Attchai At-Udom or Nong Bas, 19, a hero who helped a student who was electrocuted, and Ms. Somthawin Muangnasri, 62, Grandma Nong Radio. Female student, M. 3, Satri Rachinuthit School electrocuted unconscious The area behind Satri Rachinuthit School, Sri Chom Chuen Road, Udon Thani Municipality Filed a complaint to Pol.Lt. Col. Tan Numcharoen, Deputy Inspector General (Investigation), Muang Udon Thani Police Station. After being hit by a famous page, bringing the event to arbitrary donations and bringing the money But posting to the page does not match the number

Subsequently, the Facebook page “Udonthani Update” posted a message explaining that case. #What is not posted clearly Because the administrator is not good at studying He has little knowledge but he likes to help people Made a mistake, he adds. I apologize here too Ready to explain in the case of a subsidy Nong Bas from whom it came.

Sooner or later I will post more that “The page would like to inform all children of this page that the page is not open for donations to help victims of electric shock or any heroes from the incident. The page is ready to explain the details of the source of all funding in every case that is a problem.

latest progress Earlier today (September 21), reporters traveled to the residence of Supawadee Lasuea, 40, or Admin Ngun, who was accused, with Ms Supawadee denying that she was open to donations to help heroes or people who were hit by electric shock But there is a fan page that has contacted me to report that they want to donate to all 3 heroes. Is there a way to contact them? So, he consulted all the administrators and accepted the transfer of 20,000 baht because the donor wished to give 5,000 baht to each hero and support the page at 5,000 baht.

He then had to weigh the money in the envelope to give to Nong Bas for 4,000 baht at home because he withdrew the money to refill 1,000 baht, but later transferred another 1,000 baht until it was 5,000 baht Ready to take pictures for the admin to post .Page when I get home Aunt Bast called and said she didn’t see the envelope. So I looked in the car and found the envelope in the bag. I admit I enjoyed the conversation and rushed back home. and accidentally picked up an envelope but asked for the account number and transferred the money back to the younger 4,000 baht with the money slip

Sister Ae’s part, a handsome girl Put money in an envelope for 5,000 baht by giving it to the hospital. but sister said I don’t want anything, I ask for 2,000 baht and share it with Nong Soda for 3,000 baht. The part that tells Nong Ae to say that she receives 5,000 baht because she wants it to satisfy the wishes of the person who gave it, while the boss is not available to pick it up, so she hands over the money to 5,000 baht.

“Confirm that the donor wished to give money to 3 heroes, but the injured person did not. But the money given to Nong Radio and private money is Nong Soda I wanted to give it to the other 2 younger siblings too, but I didn’t find it. It was my own fault for not giving details. make you feel bad misunderstanding instead of giving once Or maybe because of late transfer of money? Whatever insult, he understands, accepts, does not ask for revenge. and have evidence showing everything that does not ask for a complaint innocently sad until sleep but want to stop I made a mistake that was not clear. think others will understand as we understand We know we are happy. In the future, donations will no longer be accepted.”

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