The agencies ‘Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim’ once again denied the rumors about dating by the two. After netizens noticed a similar update

Kim So Eun a Jae Rim’s song You will be the subject of dating rumors together again. Shortly after dating rumors And this time, the agencies of both of them immediately denied. Ready to confirm that the two are just close friends. And not having a romantic relationship as they say.

By the matter of rumors about the relationship between Kim So Eun a Jae Rim’s song It was talked about online this week. When netizens noticed that on May 21, They all uploaded a photo of a red rose to their Story through their personal Instagram, which looks the same as the rose. and posted it at the same time Until it led to dating rumors of the two again

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Most recently, on June 1, Kim So Eun’s agency Ascension Came out to deny dating rumors through the media that “It’s true that the two of them are close. We understand they have been in contact from time to time.” And explain the photo that started this dating rumor “They just accidentally uploaded the same picture of a rose.”

while on the road Saram Entertainment Song Jae Rim agency has denied that too “We didn’t hear that they were meeting specifically after the trip to Japan. And the photo of the rose was taken at his home. “

for Jae Rim’s song a Kim So Eun It was used to work together as a couple in shapeshifters on the show. We got married on MBC in 2015, where both lovers received as ‘Sorim couple’ of chemistry which is a good match and later they worked together on the weekend series Our Gap Soon On SBS in 2016, last March. The couple’s agencies denied the dating rumors. when someone met the couple in Japan

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Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun’s agencies denied dating rumors. Ready to explain the picture of a meeting in Japan

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