The agency used to investigate “Inspector Sua” but no fault was found: PPTVHD36

The agency is checking inspector Sua for making a gambling website. But instead, there was a letter answering that No guilt was found and Mr. Santhana thinks the police are checking each other then. The matter was quiet.

Mr. Santhana Prayoonrat, former Special Branch Police, recently, February 15, 2023, another interview for PPTV. Go back to talk about the time when you used to submit a letter asking the agency to check the inspector Sua for making a gaming website.

Go back and look at the document quickly. What PPTV opened yesterday was a book sent by the Public Works Division, the logistics office. The Royal Thai Police Office sent Mr. Santhana Prayoonrat, former Special Branch police officer, on 28 March 2022.

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It is a report back to Santhana Mr. After submitting a request for inspection Lt. Col. Wasawat Mukrasakul or Inspector Sua that it is related to online gambling websites but as you can see This document was informed Checked and found no wrongdoing. The matter was therefore ordered to be stayed.

The person who signed this letter is Maj Gen Thongchai Seriwatana, head of the Public Works Division Recently, PPTV checked back to Maj. Gen Thongchai to ask him to tell him about the inspection process. Inspector Sua said at that time how to check It turns out that Maj Gen. Thongchai has asked for time to search the documents first. As it has been 1 year already.

Go back to Mr. Santana, the plaintiff, to tell you that What evidence did he present? accusing Inspector Sua, he said that before presenting the letter He heard in online gambling circles about “better”, so he went to check and found that Inspector Sua’s name was involved. Then collect evidence such as web pages, customer testimonials. up to a certain level so send this information Attached to the complaint letter to the agency. of Inspector Sua, which is believed to be sufficient to bind Inspector Sua

But it emerged that the agency had made a letter to explain back, stating that there was no basis, the facts of the complaint did not appear. like the National Police Agency were inspecting each other, ending each other as if they knew each other

Mr. said Santana also that he is willing to submit additional evidence documents. to the head of Inspector Sua But when the agency sees that there is no basis, there is nothing to talk about.

When asked after receiving this document Has there been more coordination with Inspector Sua’s attachment? never a coordinated request for evidence that he once had

Regarding the fact that Inspector Sua is now outside of Thailand Cred Mr. Santhana that Inspector Sua will not have a way back to Thailand. Because if you come back when Fate would be no different for Damon’s Benz.