Home Entertainment The amount of revision is so large that I want to cry. The main creator of “Jigong: Falling Dragon Comes to the World” talks about the behind-the-scenes story of the creation_Hangzhou Net

The amount of revision is so large that I want to cry. The main creator of “Jigong: Falling Dragon Comes to the World” talks about the behind-the-scenes story of the creation_Hangzhou Net

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The amount of revision is so large that I want to cry. The main creator of “Jigong: Falling to the World” talks about the story behind the creation

“Jigong’s Falling Dragon Comes to the World”Premiere scene

On July 5th, the movie “Jigong: Falling into the World”, which will be released on July 16th, held the premiere of “Post-mortems are terrible, heroes come from youths” in Hangzhou. Chief director and producer Liu Zhijiang, director Qiao Yu, and artistic director Wang Wei appeared at the event and shared the behind-the-scenes stories of the film for six years.

The 6-year ingenious creation of “Jigong’s Descent from the Dragon” is an in-depth creation based on legends and contemporary society, telling the story of the growth of “young Jigong” Li Xiuyuan.

The young people in the six-year running-in creative group are growing

“From the beginning of the script, there are more quarrels with Qiao Yu, and I can’t say quarrels. In fact, there are more disputes for creation. Whoever can compete, listen to who, and let’s judge who is over. Yes, it’s hard to tell who is right and who’s wrong with this thing, because there is no standard for art. I think it’s right.” The director Liu Zhijiang mentioned that he has experienced this epidemic. Let the creators cherish their relatives and examine their own responsibilities even more. “We have deleted some special effects shots at any cost, and further re-added a large number of plots around family and personal growth, and added a lot of interaction between father and son family, hoping to inspire the audience.” In six years, the creative team Many young people here have gotten married and have children, and have entered a new stage of life. Everyone can feel the emotion of being a parent better, and they put this emotion into the creation of the film. Six years is not easy, but it is worth it.

Behind the good-looking lens is countless failed attempts

“We hope that it can be more precise and express more accurately. The words’whatever you want to do, you must do it, be your own hero’. These words are actually repeated many times and found out after refining. There is also the protagonist’s mother We also need to use human eyes instead of traditional animation to change the look in his eyes to an exaggerated form. When his mother saw the last shot of him, we also adjusted a lot of details.”Art director Wang Wei told reporters,In order to make the trajectory of one of the pictures in the water, the main creative team probably bought hundreds of balloons. The trajectory of the balloons when they were blown up and released was the trajectory of the dragon. Finally, they presented a nice shot in front of the audience, both of which were the main creative team. I got it after countless failed attempts behind it.

A large amount of revision is still being revised two days before the film’s opening

When Qiao Yu mentioned the origin of the story creation, he said: “Jigong is an ordinary person around us, so we chose this story. First, Jigong is an ordinary person and then a great hero.”

For example, in a dialogue, the dialogue was changed from the mouth shape to the rendering more than 30 times. The sound recorder cried. The voice of the little protagonist changed from a child’s voice to an adult. He was sleepless for three weeks, and he dubbed it again. All the mouth shapes were adjusted again, and they were still changing two days before the filming.“Modifying one shot will involve other performances. You may have to change six or seven shots, but these workloads are not included in the modification time.” Qiao Yu gave an example of the scene between Li Xiuyuan and his father after his mother died. In order to determine whether to wear or take off the clothes he was wearing, I did it four times. “It takes hundreds of people one to two months to do it again. It’s really a matter of gritting your teeth and trying to cry again.”

The reporter learned that in order to tell the legend of Jigong more truthfully and vividly, the main creative team also went deep into the field to collect stories, from script to production, from art to special effects to the final film. The script was revised hundreds of times. The art team designed a total of 1,000 conceptual manuscripts. After repeated revisions and selections, more than 1,300 special effects shots and more than 2,000 sub-frames were left, in order to make more delicate works for Jin Ling and Baimao. Hair, to achieve more realistic visual effects, the special effects team took a lot of time.

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