The angel “Han So Hee” is thin, see the bones, the agency has moved.

early last month The hearts of Thai fans are greatly inflated. with the appearance of angels “Han So Hee” The female hero who flew directly from Korea to attend Omega of her time from famous brands OMEGA held in central Bangkok as Brand Ambassador by this work “Han So Hee” She came in a white evening dress. which brings out her snowy look, adding a mood, but after the picture A video clip of the interview has been released. Fans are worried. and he was concerned about his figure. which looks thinner than usual

before “Han So Hee” also posted a picture of Bleeding the dog from the chain nose. and he was led by a hand into instagram Also a few days ago He recently posted a photo of someone’s face with tears streaming down her face. fans know very well that she likes to take pictures to express her feelings and expect these pictures she should have taken Until the fans can’t help but worry because at that time there was news that she was injured while filming the show But there are times it still comes out all the time.

Photo by IG: xeesoxee

latest “9ato entertainment Agency of the female heroine “Han So Hee” has moved With an official statement about her health that she is healthy and well as before without abnormality She also confirmed that “Han So Hee” preparing to fly through the air to attend the event Asia Artist Awards 2022 held in Japan On New Year’s Eve, December 31, sure.

Han So Hee from OMEGA

Han So Hee from Vogue

Han So Hee

However, when “Han So Hee” prepare for the role Good Kyung in the series A World of Married Couple During that time, she managed to keep her weight down to 45 kg by skipping breakfast and lunch and eating only chicken breasts. Only one meal a day In contrast to the time when she was preparing to act in the story. Your name And she had to gain more than 10 kg.

Han So Hee In a World of Married Couple

Han So Hee in Your Name

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