The angry young man waved ‘grandmother’ to park the car and shot him. Set fire to the car of the son who came to help.

The angry young man was waving ‘Grandma’ to park the car before shooting. burning the car of the son who came to help

At 8:30 am on May 30, Pol. Col. Wuttisak, Rong Muang, Superintendent of Pratumrat Police Station It was reported that there was a shooting to death in Ban Pila, Village No. 3, Khi Lek Sub-District, Pathumrat District, Roi Et Province. So, together with more than 20 investigative officers and patrol officers, they rushed to inspect the scene.

The scene of the accident was on a road in the center of the village, a fire was detected, a pickup truck was burning violently. Officers then sent water to extinguish the fire, taking about 20 minutes to bring the fire under control.

close to each other the body of the deceased was found She is a 70 year old woman. There were gunshot wounds to the body at several points. The criminal is Mr Boonnak Chawong At the age of 48, the villagers of the same house fled after the incident to the house Then the officers surrounded the siege. until he could control himself along with 6 artificial Thai firearms and number 20 shotgun bullets, so the officer kept them as evidence.

Inquiring about Mr. Boonnak testifies with a simple face that it is the caseand shot grandma because he had a personal grudge for many years Until today, when I had the opportunity, I started shooting immediately. As for the gun, it uses pipe steel to be easily produced by yourself.

The Pol said, Col. Wuttisak, Deputy Muang, inspector, that the deceased and the perpetrator were villagers from the same house, but from the other side. The deceased drove past the perpetrator’s house every day to go to work. Also in the morning The deceased was driving on his way to work.

But while he was about to pass in front of the offender’s house, the offender walked out and waved at the car park. But when the deceased landed and looked at the gun and tried to run away but could not catch up the criminal fired several shots. The bullet splashed into the body of the deceased, causing him to fall.

The perpetrator then went to hide in his own house. to wait for the trap to shoot someone who will come to help And when he saw his son’s pickup truck drive into the parking lot to help his mother, he fired one more shot, but the bullet didn’t hit anyone, then the people in the car ran to escape for their lives. At that time, the offender poured oil on the 4-door pickup truck and set it on fire.

The officers have charged the accused with 3 counts: murder, possession of firearms without permission. and setting fire to other property


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