The anti-government activists have gone into inactivity by riding on books

Education Minister criticized those who spread rumors about textbooks. Dipu Moni said that Sheikh Hasina’s government cannot be thrown away by ignoring the verdict of the people. The Sheikh Hasina government cannot be removed by coming through the back door. So today this evil is riding on the book. Riding on the books, they started anti-government activities.

He said these things in the chief guest’s speech at the ceremony organized on the occasion of prize distribution and freshman recruitment of the annual sports and cultural competition of Pier Ali College of Sripur Upazila of Gazipur on Sunday (February 5) afternoon.

The Minister of Education said, ‘Because there is a group, they destroyed it, destroyed it. During the Chuannar elections, it was said that voting by boat would result in divorce. Do you know someone’s wife was divorced? Not a single one got divorced because of voting on a boat. In the 1990s, they said that if you vote by boat, India will become Feni, or you will hear uludhvani in the mosque. Those who live in Feni today, are they citizens of India or Bangladesh? All of them are now citizens of independent sovereign Bangladesh.’

He said, Awami League said at the time of its birth, Awami League will not do anything against Quran and Sunnah. Even today Awami League is in the same place. Never did anything against the Qur’an-Sunnah, never do.’

Dr. regarding the mistakes in the textbook. Dipu Moni said, ‘The very first complaint was that there was a mistake in the ninth-tenth class history books. There was an informational error, we corrected it immediately. A few others were said to be wrong, they were also said in the same way. Some say to put it a little differently, we changed it. The amendment is gone immediately.’

The education minister said that the books of class 9-10 are from 2013. These books should have come to our attention in 10 years. But no one noticed.


In response to the criticism, the minister further said that nowhere in the book is it said that humans have evolved from monkeys, rather it has been said that humans have evolved from monkeys. It is said three times, not once. He raised many more questions. All fabricated. For what reason, why suddenly your attack on the new curriculum, asked Dr. Deepu Moni.

The President of the Board of Directors of Peer Ali College presided over the event. Mujibur Rahman. Mosharraf Hossain Bhuiyan, President of Gazipur District Volunteer League and member of the Board of Directors of the college, was in charge. District Awami League General Secretary and Gazipur-3 Constituency Member of Parliament Iqbal Hossain Sabuj spoke.

Aminul Islam/SR/GKS

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