The “Arc de Triomphe” is not for League 1 football

Even though it is a new and modern stadium, its design did not take into account the way video cameras can be installed for football matches. “When designing it, only video assistance was considered only for rugby matches, which has completely and completely different parameters compared to football. Practically, technically, the VAR system for football matches cannot be installed. Who knows, maybe some changes will be made to the stadium… I don’t know how and if these changes will be made, but it is certain that at the moment it is not possible. If they don’t want VAR, then the stadium can be at their disposal. But as all teams in League 1 are obsessed with VAR, then they have to look for another stadium. After all, this stadium was designed for rugby and that’s how it should stay,” a source from the Romanian Rugby Federation told us.

The situation at the arena near Herăstrău affects the most Dinamo, which returned to League 1, and which had taken into account the move to the “Arcul de Triumf” until the completion of the new stadium in “Ștefan cel Mare”, in 3-4 years. Thus, Dinamo will have to share the “National Arena” with FCSB, but at much higher costs.


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