The association called a meeting to discuss the selection of athletes. Pack and warm up for U23

Discuss together! Yuthaya Yimkarun, Vice President of the Association As director of the Thai national under 23 team, together with the advisory board and Issara Sri Taro, head coach Meeting to prepare for the selection of under 23 athletes for the first intro Between 5-15 December 2022

The movement of the Thai national football team, model under 23 years old, the latest on November 22, 2022 at 10:00 am in the office of the association. Football Association of Thailand Organizing a meeting to prepare for the selection of Thai Model national football team athletes under 23 years old, first introvert Between 5-15 December 2022, this meeting was led by Yuthaya Yimkarun, vice president of the association. As the director of the Thai national under-23 team, along with the advisory board and Issara Sri Taro, head coach Staff coach Team

after the meeting Yuthaya Yimkarun, director of Thailand’s under-23 national teamhe revealed that “The purpose of this meeting is the coaching staff team wants to discuss the choice of athletes Based on tracking a current form, the coaching staff A total of 30 people will be selected from 62 names previously announced.

“I can confirm that this selection without interference All players come from working and monitoring the form of the team for the last 3 months They are athletes with real results with the club. It is considered transparent and the coach goes deep into personal details. Every situation was interesting. What steps from now on I will coordinate the discussion. to ask for athletes with various clubs And it is expected that the list of 30 people will be announced on November 28 before entering the camp and warming up. between 5-15 December 2022

side Head Coach Issara Sritaro Reveal up to 30 names of warm-up introverts with Lao PDR A big set that is preparing for the ASEAN Championship 2022 that “This meeting is also an important matter. Because it’s like reviewing our decision. before the roster is published Including mentioning problems or conditions The team itself has to thank Yuttana Yimkarun who is willing to help coordinate various clubs. so that our team is as prepared as possible Including getting the athletes we want to join the camp as much as possible.

“Now all the team’s preparation plans are more and more clear Before the 30-man roster is announced, we are now establishing our daily training program according to our concept. which will focus on what we want from each player to bring the errors we see to improve Along with adding experience, international rules and regulations to the children”

“Finally, thank you. The executives of the association especially the director and the team of consultants Including all the clubs that allow players to join the Thai national under-23 team this time, I am ready to dedicate everything for the benefit of the Thai national under-23 team as much as possible during the 10 days of this detention.

for the Thai national under-23 team, there are two warm-up programs to meet Lao PDR, a big set that is preparing to fight for the 2022 ASEAN Championship on December 11 and 14, 2022 at 5:30 pm, both games at Thammasat University Stadium , Rangsit Centre.

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